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Author Topic: Anybody care to share their embarrassing moments?  (Read 11687 times)

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Re: Anybody care to share their embarrassing moments?
« Reply #45 on: November 03, 2013, 09:30:48 AM »
I feel horrible about mine...

When I was in 7th Grade, one of the 8th Graders broke his leg, and needed a wheelchair to get around the school. 

There was a door separating two parts of the school.  I noticed that the 8th grader was behind me, so being a polite young lady, I went through the door, then quickly turned around and held out my hand to hold the door open for him.  Instead of grabbing the door, though, I grabbed one of my classmate's breasts.  Full-on cop.  To this day, I don't know how I missed her standing there.  I never felt so bad in my entire life, and could NOT apologize enough.


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Re: Anybody care to share their embarrassing moments?
« Reply #46 on: November 03, 2013, 03:42:13 PM »
Due to extreme clumsiness and my sometimes missing brain to mouth filter, I could fill a few pages I will just start with one of the doozies..

3 years ago, my wonderful step brother married a wonderful woman.  They were married at the hall where the reception was and everything was beautiful..a great time was had by all.  So as we are all leaving, I offered to carry this veryveryvery heavy square glass vase that was filled with water and flowers.  I hadn't had but 2 drinks, was quite alright and was looking forward to dropping my older DD and nephew off at my house and continuing the celebration with step sis and some others.  So we are all walking out (about 15 of us including HC), I have the vase, my purse, and my coat in my arms, and I am talking to DD.  I never noticed the small step on the patio part..about 7 steps from the door to the patio, maybe 2" high going down to the other part of the patio.  I keep walking right off the step, catching the edge of my heel sending me flying, depserately trying to right myself and hold the vase.  Of course, due to my extreme lack of grace, that was not to be and I went down spectacularly.  Vase and purse go flying, left leg is sliding on the turf carpet, right leg is stuck on the edge of the step under me at an angle no foot is made to be and everyone is now staring at me.  My dress is all hiked up, hose are ripped and knee is bleeding and the vase is shattered everywhere.  My DD is screaming  MOM YOU'RE BLEEDING!!  I am trying to pull my skirt down and figure out how to get up because my ankle is at a very weird angle and my sweet step brother and sister are LOSING IT!  They were laughing so darn bad they could barely manages to come over to help me up (I could not stand, ankle was already turning black and was hugely swollen).  He said he should have known I was too clumsy to hold the vase.  Employees are running out, trying to get me to let them call me an ambulance (I was too embarrassed) DD is getting wet paper towels to clean my knee and everyone, including me by this point is laughing at my exit.  I ended up on crutches for 3 weeks with torn ligaments and a severe sprain.  And it is still brought up by all of brothers friends of how I flashed them all ::) ::)


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Re: Anybody care to share their embarrassing moments?
« Reply #47 on: November 03, 2013, 03:59:57 PM »
One of our high schools was built with only a red line separating the sidewalk from the parking lot, no curb. I suspect it was an ADA decision. Every single time I walk into that building, I trip over the nonexistent curb. I go to step on the "curb" and my foot falls through the "concrete".

From what a coworker, who has kids there,  said I'm not the only one. In a recent renovation, they elevated the sidewalk, put in curbs, and curb cuts.
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Re: Anybody care to share their embarrassing moments?
« Reply #48 on: November 03, 2013, 07:08:58 PM »
You know how you start to say something, and the room suddenly gets reeeally quiet, and you just can't stop the words? Yeah, well...

DH and I had been married only a few months when we attended a Christmas dance with a huge party of friends and extended family. A friend approached me at our table and asked if I still danced with friends now that we were married. My wiseguy DH quipped, "Sure, but now it'll cost you a dollar!" to which I shot back- and THIS is when the band paused between songs, and everybody got quiet- except me... "A dollar? I'll give it away before I sell it for a dollar!"  :-[

I wasn't even gonna try to clean that one up!

This reminded me of something I did. In college, out for ice cream with my friend, and her VERY handsome BF. I hate marischino cherrys, so I said to him, not even thinking "want my cherry?" oops. Cue crickets chirping and me saying, I didn't mean THAT.

I started dating my DH when I was 15 and he was nearly 17 so by the time he turned 18 (and I was 16) I knew all of his family pretty well and felt comfortable organizing a party. I should mention here, sorry for the TMI, that we'd been intimate by this time and that, too, was known to everyone, along with the fact that my parents hadn't been very happy about it. At all. This is relevant...

So, the party is going along, we've had burgers or whatever and desserts have been ordered and the waitress comes out with DH's special sundae while all the employees gather around the table to sing him Happy Birthday. The singing is now over but the table is quiet and as the waitress goes to set the sundae in front of DH the cherry falls off the top. She says, loudly, "Oops, you lost your cherry!" and then immediately realizes what she's accidentally said, blushes furiously, and flees. As she's leaving DH's step-Dad yells "Well he's 18, I should hope so!" and everyone laughs hysterically except for my Dad who glares daggers at me. I want to die.

I don't mean to make my Dad sound like a mean guy, he's the total opposite of that. But when you meet your husband and fall well and truly in love at the tender age of 15 it can rock a poor unsuspecting Dad's world, so it took him awhile to adjust. I'm sure he thought DH was some jerk kid who'd break his daughter's heart. That was 22 years ago and they're pretty close now.  :)


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Re: Anybody care to share their embarrassing moments?
« Reply #49 on: November 04, 2013, 07:19:30 AM »
A city cousin of mine came to visit my mom (we lived in the same property) and mom called to tell me cousin and her two adult daughters were there and asked me to come to visit.  I was already ready for bed, although it wasn't late, so I just grabbed my clothes and threw them on.  It was only after sitting and visiting for an hour or two with these virtual strangers, who were dressed to the nines, that I realized I had put my shirt on inside out.  Not only that, but it was one I made and the seams on the inside were probably oversize and raggedy, frayed looking.  :-[

It was more shocking than embarrassing...A new employee started at work and she was in the cubicle next to mine.  On  her second day she leaned around our mutual wall and said, "You used to be my husband's Den Mother."  I felt like if I looked in a mirror at that moment I would look like that cartoon character, Maxine, who is an old gray haired lady. 

ETA...not that there is anything wrong with old gray haired ladies, since I am one, now.
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Re: Anybody care to share their embarrassing moments?
« Reply #50 on: November 04, 2013, 09:12:46 AM »
I was telling my sister about this thread, and she shared with me something that happened to her.  Years ago, I was attending school in Buffalo, and my sister came to visit me.  I was taking her around my department, and I showed her the name plate on the office door of one of the professors, who had (without a doubt) the worst name I have ever seen: Peter Enis.  Imagine the name with the first name as only an initial.  (My sister exclaimed: "They named him Peter?")

Anyway, several months later, she is with a group of friends and she tells them about this.  They look at her blankly.  "P. Enis!  P. Enis!" she exclaimed.  And then, as silence fell over the crowded bar, she yelled out the word that it spelled.  (I'm trying not to set off the filter)

So there she was in a bar, seemingly randomly yelling for something that most people don't order in a bar.
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Re: Anybody care to share their embarrassing moments?
« Reply #51 on: November 05, 2013, 08:54:05 AM »
When friend and I were working on our first murder mystery we thought it would be fun to have the culprit escorted out in handcuffs.  To that end, I went to a toy store.  We hoped to find a toy cop set that would have jokey, plastic handcuffs and use that.

The store was a locally-owned place.  Because it was only a few days before Halloween it was filled with parents and children picking up costume accessories.   We knew quite a few of these people. 

When I couldn't find what we wanted, I asked at the front desk.  The owner looked at me oddly and said with a nasty, little smirk, 'We've got some REEAL ones in the back room'.  I said that would do. 


Talk about wanting to fall through the floor!

When we needed another pair the next year, I went to a magic shop. No snarkiness there. 


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Re: Anybody care to share their embarrassing moments?
« Reply #52 on: November 05, 2013, 11:02:27 AM »
Let me preface by saying 2 things:
1. I love, love, love to sing in the car. Loud, with feeling, and probably off key.
2. Bat out of H3ll is my favorite album of all time. And I will sing along at the top of my lungs.

Fun fact- if you're in a convertible going down the highway, no one can hear you sing.
Embarrassing fact- When you take the exit ramp and get caught at the light, the people in the car behind can hear you, and will clap and laugh as you finish a rousing rendition of "For Crying Out Loud".

Other most embarrassing moment happened in a local bar, in front of my ex, and his new GF. My nails were long, and real, and had about 5 coats of polish on them. Ex decides to introduce his new GF to me and sits at my table. I'm cool, I'm casual, I'm oh so mature at 22, and I light a cigarette.

And then ex says "Um, did you know your finger is on fire?" Yep, set my polish aflame right there in front of the happy couple. Trying to maintain my cool, I blew out the fire on my nail like a cowboy with a pistol, couldn't put the flame out and had to dunk it in my beer. (and it was my first beer of the evening, so I couldn't even use being drunk as an excuse)
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