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Wedding/Shower/Whatever Party Favors . . . Thoughts?

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Reading the hosting a shower thread in "Life in General" I got to thinking about party favors. Some posters in that thread thought they were useless and others thought that they were fun, thoughtful and creative.

I didn't want to derail that thread, but I was wondering what people thought about party favors for specialty type parties (like weddings/bridal or baby showers/housewarmings, etc.)

What was the best/worst party favor you ever received?

If you host a party, do you feel that a party favor is a must? What type of favors do you give?

When you attend this type of function, are you disappointed/do you think it's rude if there isn't a party favor?

What is the point behind party favors? Is it meant to be a simple TY for attending? or is it suppose to be a something for your guests to remember this special day?

What are your thoughts?

Back in the day (30 years ago) the thing to do for weddings was to have a matchbook engraved with the name of the couple and the date. I threw them into my "box of memories" and never used them. Alas, my BoM is gone, but I remember looking through the box every now and and then and when finding the matchbook thinking "Oh, yeah, I remember that wedding!" So I guess the party favor was pretty much useless but it did it's job . . . bringing back memories.

For my BWW, my mother insisted on finding something unique for the party favors. We settled on something like this: http://www.dollartree.com/floral/vases-bowls-containers/7-inch-Jardin-Glass-Vases/559c543c543p294228/index.pro filled with candies, along with a ribbon around the neck including a tag with mine and exH's name and date of the wedding.

Just throwing this out there . . .


I don't usually care for party favors. I see them as wasteful. You are already supplying me with a place to be, food and hopefully booze. I don't need/want any knick knacks, I don't wear nail polish, etc. I live in a small condo so I don't have room for stuff I don't need.

I loathe them and think they are wasteful, for the reasons the PP just stated.  Even the food ones. I usually have a tiny purse with me at weddings, I don't want to lug stuff home.  I usually just leave them on the table for the inevitable "favor hog" guest who goes around taking anything that's not nailed down. (Leftover favors, centerpieces, plants, etc.)

I dislike them and if I can do so without attracting attention I leave them behind. If not, I take and toss. I hate seeing people spend money on stuff that pleases them but may be of no interest to me. Since I tend to be a minimalist and do not collect things most are useless. And I especially hate adding to the city trash dump.

We did customized fortune cookies at out wedding. They seemed to go over well, and they were about $0.15 each. People found the insides quite fun, and we've been getting great feedback for months about them.


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