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Toilet and cleaning after yourself

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In the work board there is a thread about toilet habits in workplace and it came out that the toilet habits may vary a lot. Well, at least I was surprised :)
Specifically, some people think it is OK to leave skidmarks into the bowl while others believe that scrubbing the bowl is just part of the toilet use.
I live in South Europe and here the consensus is that you scrub away your own skidmarks and it is not some kind of household chore (like cleaning the toilet with sanitizer or mopping the floor). Since toilets are low flow, if you don't brush the toilet it will likely stay dirty and flushing isn't enough. In private houses there are always toilet scrubs, although in public/restaurant toilets sometimes there aren't.
We have also a small device that allows to calibrate your flush: small flush for #1 and big flush for #2.
So, E-hellions from all over the world, where are you from and what are your toilet habits?
If someone is grossed out I apologize, I'm just very curious.

I'm originally from Texas, and I've never cleaned up after myself in a public restroom (other than the obvious flushing and making sure the seat is clean afterwards). Public restrooms also generally don't have toilet brushes handy, so there wouldn't be any way to clean up afterwards.

If I was in a friend's home, and there was a toilet brush available, I'd use it if necessary but haven't had that situation happen yet  ;D

I live in central/Eastern Europe now and we have the same style toilets the OP described, with 2 types of flushes. I've never experienced a problem with those. I also haven't noticed toilet brushes in any public restrooms, but all homes seem to have the brushes mounted to the wall.

Outdoor Girl:
I've never been in a public/work restroom that had a toilet brush available so no, I've never cleaned any skid marks.  I have cleaned them in friends' homes, even if I had to ask for a brush.

I hate the design of some of the low flow toilets.  They seem to encourage skid marks because of the shape of the bowl and the water level.

Toilet brushes are not generally availabe. Cleaning products are likely locked up somewhere.

As far as low flow toilets, it seems like some of them requie two ot three flushes, thus negating water savings.

At home, I'm the toilet bowl cleaner.

At work in the school food service area, we all have access to cleaning supplies to take care of our own skid marks.


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