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Manual or automatic transmission: What do you drive?

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I drive a stick shift.  I am a bit of a control freak and I like having that extra bit of control over my car.  Plus, knowing how to drive a stick means that if I ever find myself in a situation where I have to drive somebody else's car, I won't be limited by the type of transmission.

What do you drive?  Any particular reason?

I don't have a car now but i can only drive automatic (where i live, the license specifies "manual" [which includes automatic] or "automatic only")

I didn't like the shift, it was too much to remember and the car kept stalling so i switched to automatic.

I drive automatic but if I have to, I can drive stick. I just don't find it pleasant - I live in a city with lots of traffic, traffic lights and stop signs - stick means shifting constantly.

I drive an automatic only (automatic licence), which is very uncommon here, due to problems with my left/right sides.

It doesn't matter that I can't drive manual as I am only insured to drive my own car, so I couldn't drive someone else's car anyway.

Lady Snowdon:
I currently own and prefer an automatic transmission.  I know how to drive a stick, and owned a manual for about four years.  I was so excited to give it up and get an automatic again!  I find I pay more attention to traffic and the road if I'm not also constantly focused on what gear I'm in, if I need to downshift, can I get up this hill okay, etc. 

My mom loves her manual and prefers that to an automatic. 


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