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What's the most outrageous you've ever been solicited money for?

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I'm asking this because we recently heard from an acquaintance who is fundraising for the expense of burying a relative.  Only friends are being solicited, none of them really know the relative, no one knows what the immediate family thinks of this, and the kicker is that she (the relative in question) is still alive but will probably pass soon.  It's a very sad situation and one we find very bizarre.

I've heard of collections being taken up for new homes, career changes, weddings, adoptions, etc but this seems to me so far outside the realm of bad taste that I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't heard it myself.

So what have you been asked to contribute to that you just couldn't believe?

We have had panhandlers soliciting for Pot and Beer.  I had one throw a fit because I gave money to a charity group on the same corner and would not give him any. He kept following me screaming about how I needed to smoke a joint and loosen up.  I had to call the cops to get him to leave me alone.

Not sure about other areas but in Seattle I have seen about 10-15 people with variations on the same signs.

One of my high school peers sent out letters to a bunch of people in town (including my parents) to raise money for a semester in Australia.  Not doing service work or anything, just "I want to take a semester to travel around and learn stuff."  He didn't say so in the letter, but his parents were mostly paying for the trip - he was raising beer money.

My parents declined to donate, but IIRC he did go for a semester and partied a lot.

Hat may have been unnecessary, if you're friendly enough here people will buy you beer.

Well, I don't know if this is what you are looking for, but I currently have a coworker that is currently asking people to borrow 11 grand from their 401K to loan him.

Of course he will make the payments. ::)


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