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I constantly run into problems with users expecting me to a fix a problem that I have no control over.

Iím responsible for an application that users need to access to be able to log onto servers and access their own applications.  The application has a URL that you connect to and it brings you to the applications portal.
Access to the portal site is done through two things.  First, you have to use Internet Explorer, the application does not support any other browser.  I have no control over this.  This is the way the vendor who created the application decided do to it.  The company that I bought the application went with this vendor and that is a limitation they decided to live with.  I canít change it; I canít fix it.
The second thing the user needs is a security card.  The card is inserted into a card reader connected to their computer, there is a security certificate imbedded on the card that the browser needs to read to authenticate the users.

Unfortunately, this technology is spotty at best.  Internet Explorer does not do a good job reading the certificate.  This is not a function of the application I support; this is a function of the browser. 
Time and time again we run into issues where users cannot access the application portal.  They figure since they are trying to get the portal site, it must be the application that is broken.
I will point out to them that the portal site is up and running, that hundreds of users are currently logged in and working fine, but for whatever reason, their browser is not reading their certificate, and there is nothing I can to do fix that problem.

I get very frustrated because Iíll have managers set up a bridge troubleshooting call and Iíll have to go over all of this again for the umpteenth time.  We go around and around and just end up back at square one.
Iíve called the vendor and opened up a trouble ticket with them since I was asked to do it.  We have been able to show that itís a problem with the browser and the next step should be to engage with Microsoft since itís their browser that is having the problem, but they donít want to spend the money to open up a ticket with Microsoft.

The good thing is that in just about every instance, the problem will fix itself in about one to three days

All of my company's web-based stuff is designed to only be able to run in Internet Explorer as well.  Our IT people won't even talk to someone unless they've cleared cache & cookies and tried restarting their computer.

Personally, I categorically refuse to use Internet Explorer outside work, but since even if I were to get permission to have Chrome installed on my work computer, it wouldn't do me any good since none of the web apps I need access to will work in Chrome.
yeah, personally I HATE!!!!! Internet Explorer, along with Microsoft.  It seems the more advanced their technology gets, the less user friendly it is, and the harder it is to get things to work together.  I make my living off of supporting Microsoft technology, but I'm so looking forward to the day when I can retire.


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I 'affectionately' refer to it as 'Internet Exploder.'  ;D
I have a chronic case of foot-in-mouth disease.