Author Topic: S/O I'm Never Shopping There - What Businesses Will Forever Have Your Patronage?  (Read 48139 times)

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Redpath's shoe store, here in Canberra. I bought a pair of black and white Diesel high-top sneakers there in April, wore them (not all the time, but a fair amount) for four months... and last week discovered that they were different sizes.  :o The left one was U.S. size 9, European size 42, and Japanese size 27, while the right one was U.S. size 9 but European size 40 and Japanese size 26. I hadn't noticed anything odd the whole time, but once I knew they were different sizes I couldn't stop noticing it!

I really didn't think they could/would do much for me, because I mean, four months worth of slight but visible wear on them. And I'd bought them on sale, so I figured they might not have that style any more. Still, I called and they told me to bring them in. Turns out they were out of that colour but not that style, and I now have a brand new pair of pink and white high-tops that are both European size 40. ;D I would have been perfectly happy with something like a discount on my next pair of shoes but the manager was very matter-of-fact about saying it was their mistake. Annnnnd they had a sale on boots, and I found a pair in a style I had years ago and loved, so now I have new boots as well. :-*
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