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  • September 25, 2016, 06:03:04 PM

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Author Topic: The 'I Accomplished Something Today!' Thread  (Read 142301 times)

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Re: The 'I Accomplished Something Today!' Thread
« Reply #1800 on: September 22, 2016, 01:40:10 PM »
It's been a busy week.  Running around with dealing with a car and getting valid plates for it, bringing in wood for BF's parents, just everyday stuff like laundry and dishes.

This morning?  I have two batches of biscuits made and cooling to take to the volunteers who run hometown fall fair.  Dad is judging some of the kids' entries and I'm his helper.  Mom used to be the one to take in the cheese tea biscuits.  Then Dad made them for about 10 years, after she died.  But he's not up to it any more so now it's my turn.  And I got them done before 7:00 when the price of power increases here!

Today is watering plants before I go, doing the judging, getting home and picking beans and tomatoes.  Then BF and I both go up tomorrow, a bank appointment for Dad to consolidate his financial stuff then working the gate for the fair.  Dinner at the fair - fry truck fries, anyone? - then some work at Dad's apartment to clean and clear out some stuff.  Stay overnight and home again where the work continues.  Still have some plants to get in the ground and some phragmites to cut and a stove to get and put in the in-law suite and and and...

I think you forgot "wash my superhero outfit"?  Or are you like Superman, and dirt doesn't stick to you...?
 ;) ;) ;) ;D

I remember seeing Superman standing on the surface of the sun in one comic or possibly he was flying very close to it - he was "cleaning" his uniform after an especially bad battle...or so "he said". Apparently he doesn't have to do it that often, but it is a quick way to "clean up" without having to change to Clark Kent & head home for a shower (unless he can figure out a way for "Clark" to be caught in the same debris to avoid suspicion).  I remember once that Clark had a bucket of paint fall on him after Superman rescued some men falling from a building scaffold who were painting...Clark was supposedly walking below & got caught by the paint (cans were open - there was a real mess on the building & sidewalk - but I read that comic 30 or even 40 odd years which issue?  I dunno). 

I don't think any of the Hellions are quite that "super"... 
Let sleeping dragons be.......morning breath......need I explain?