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Tipping Question in Rome.

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In November we'll be staying in Rome for a few days before taking  a Transatlantic voyage.  We've been in contact with some others doing the same thing and we're all chipping in to hire a van. The fare from central Rome to Cittaveccia will be 25 euros per person. 

The driver will be helping load and unload luggage.  What would be an apprriate tip?   

Generally, locals will simply round up their fare to the nearest whole Euro, if they tip at all. I suppose that doesn't help much for an already rounded amount :) I tip the equivalent of 1 Euro per bag, personally.

I agree with 1 euro per bag. If he acts as "tour guide" along the way I'd probably add another couple of euros per person.

The trip to the pier at Cittaveccia will  take about an hour and 15 minutes or so depending on weather and traffic.  It doesn't seem right to us to not tip for a trip of that duration. 

Library Dragon:
You won't be expected to tip.  I've take the taxi ride you mentioned and I would only tip if the drive was very helpful with bags and then only about 1 Euro per bag. 


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