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What happened to my emoticons?

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When replying to a post or starting a new thread I used to have a bunch of emoticons to choose from right above the text box.  Now they're gone.

I looked at the section "Attacmnents and other options, and the Don't use smileys box is not checked, so I don't know what has happened.  I haven't changed any settings.

Curious Cat:
 ;) :D ;D >:( :( :)

You must have accidentally changed something.

Try looking under "Look and Layouts" found under Profile and then a colored box to the bottom and left a few lines saying "Modify Profile" and then choose Look and Layout.

Smileys are the first option to mess with.

Have you installed any pop-up blockers? Or did the ones that you have update themselves? I have a pop-up/script blocker, and I have to fiddle with the setting every time I write a post and want a smiley, because otherwise they do not show up.

Yes, there has been some activity with pop-up blockers recently.  Guess I need to fiddle around and try to straighten things out.  Thanks!


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