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Halloween Candy Question.

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Tomorrow is our building's Halloween costume parade and ToT for children who live in the building and their friends.

Last year we bought a good supply of decent candy to hand out.  We were going to fly to London a day or two after the event. Unfortunately, Sandy came in and we had to leave several days before the ToT. 

We still have the candy from last year.  I've tried it and it's still perfectly good.  Would it be a problem to offer year old candy to children this year?

Harriet Jones:
If you're absolutely certain the candy has suffered no degradation in quality, it's fine.  Some candy's fine after a year, some gets icky.

Definitely depends on candy type. I've eaten year old candy canes for example, but some chocolates get white dusty stuff on it.

The candy in question is good quality chocolate (Ghirardelli squares).  I've tried a few and they're perfectly fine.  There's no bloom and the texture is properly smooth.

I should test one more time, just to be sure. Oh, the hardships of research!  8)

I think you need to airmail some of them to us so we can provide an objective test for you. ;D

Otherwise I would think they'd be okay, being individually sealed.


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