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 :'( I need recipe help. Today I was told I have to go on a no fat no cholesteral low carb diet. I am I just eat raw veggies and fruit? Hopefully you guys with the great cooking skills can help my lacking skills.
I would be ever grateful for any suggestions.......

Outdoor Girl:
I think you need to contact whoever told you no fat, no cholesterol and clarify.  That's almost impossible to manage.  Plus, you always need some fat - it is vital in some of the body's processes.

No cholesterol would mean going with a vegan diet, because eggs and cheese will have animal fat in them.  And that is going to be very hard to manage for an omnivore without some help from a nutritionist or dietician.  Can you see if you can make an appointment with one?

Low fat and cholesterol is a little easier to manage.  Stay away from red meats, trim any visible fat and skin from any other cuts of meat, use a spritzer or oil spray rather than a tsp or tbsp of oil in a pan, that kind of thing.  Lots of veggies, particularly green leafys, no added butter or margerine in the cooking process.  Spices are your friend here.  You can start with prepared ones like Mrs. Dash that are no/low sodium and then make your own mixtures from there.

I second the advice to revisit your doctor and/or a dietician. NO fat is not realistic or healthy under almost any circumstance.

Fruits, vegetables and low-fat proteins are your friends, but please do clarify your diet before you actually seek to have zero fats of any kind in your diet.

I think you need to ask to speak to a nutritionist. I'm racking my brain trying to figure out what type of protein you would consume if you can't have carbs or fat. Kale and spinach have some protein but also some carbs. Legumes are great source of protein but very high in carbs. Textured Vegetable Protein is no fat and high protein but has carbs.

Who told you this without giving you some type of diet plan?

even eating "just" fruit and veg is not going to be low carb.

who told you to go on this diet? was it a doctor?

I nth the suggestion to have this clarified and then speak to a dietician.


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