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shhh its me:
  I'm going to concur with clarify and speak to a nutritionist with written instructions in hand.  True No fat is not possible as far as I know. Beans have some fat in them a tiny amount but its there, like 2% of a "normal" daily allowance. 


I'd get a second opinion.

No cholesterol, no fat, low carbs rules out basically all meat products, including eggs and dairy (cholesterol and fat), grains, including wheat and rice, potatoes,  beans, corn and peas (high in carbs), nuts and seeds (contain fats).

Low fat diets tend to increase complex carbohydrates to fuel you. Low carb diets go heavy on meat to do the same. Low cholesterol diets use plant based fats instead of animal based. On this diet, you can't have any of these.

So basically, yes, all you will be able to eat are low carb vegetables and fruit, eaten raw, boiled, baked or steamed.

If this is a legitimate diet your health care provider should be able to provide you with information on how to eat a diet that won't have you ending up in the hospital, including a list of appropriate foods, and the quantities you should be eating.


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