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Publicly announcing somebody else's address on Facebook? It's okay, post 3

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So, I am still Facebook friends with a number of people from a church I used to go to, before we moved away.  This church has this *amazing* woman who has just turn 100 and still runs her own business, etc.  Anyway, somebody from the church (who I am friends with) just posted, "For those who have been asking, <birthday woman's address>."  I'm assuming people have been asking where to send cards/gifts.  But the reality of it is, she's just posted a 100-year-old woman's address on Facebook.  *Probably* only friends can see it, but it still seems like it could be a security risk.  What if the elderly woman lives alone?  People can probably assume she does from context (I don't know if she does, though).

Should I say something to my friend?  Or is that overstepping?

Unless you are CERTAIN it is only viewable to the woman's friends, I would suggest that you mention that the post may very well be visible to anyone on the earth, including con artists and burglars.

You said the birthday woman still runs a business - is it possible that your FB friend gave out the woman's work address, not her home address?

I just asked, and it turns out that the woman lives in a retirement home with full security.  So it shouldn't be an issue of somebody having her information, as they are unlikely to be able to get in/think it worth the risk, anyway.


That's good, but I hope someone doesn't send her some scam mail!


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