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TV Licence

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A poster in the scammers thread mentioned this.  Do you need this to buy a TV or what?

Not where I live (US), but I believe it's a special tax in the UK.  We just have to pay extra as part of our cable bill each month for those of us who have cable - but there's no cost to just own a basic TV and not get service to it.  (DH and I have a TV we use for gaming and Netflix, for example.)

Not in Australia.

We have several free-to-air channels which are accessible to anyone with a TV.  There are a few subscription services to get additional channels, pay per view and the like but you don't need one to watch the freely available channels.

Yep. If you just want basic local channels that come in over the air, then all you have to do is buy a TV.

If you want to watch anything else, you have to subscribe to cable or satellite service, which has a monthly charge, plus (usually) equipment rental fees, sales tax, etc.

In Aus the major networks are free to air so you just need a tv. We are in the process of converting from analogue to digital so if you've got the wrong type of TV when the switchover happens in your area you're in trouble. We had years of notice and constant ads for 6-12 months before the change over and people still got caught out  ::)

There is also pay for view tv (what the US call cable). Certain things legally have to be shown on free to air (usually sporting events)

In the UK you need to pay for a tv licence, basically that's how the government funds the BBC. I can't remember the exact details but I'm sure a UK poster could explain.


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