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Reservation Made is a Reservation Paid

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I am on the board of a new chapter for administrative professionals and we are getting our flyer ready to be sent out to potential members. We've already had one meeting to find out if there is an interest and there was. The issue is that several people made reservations (which included dinner costing $25). When they didn't show up, we still had to pay for their dinners.

We wanted to add a line or two on the flyer that basically said "Reservation Made is a Reservation Paid", but in a nice way. My suggestion was to add a line that said "Reservations confirmed upon receipt of check"...but someone mentioned that we were going to welcome walk-ins.

Any suggestions?

Are you taking a credit card at the time of the reservation? I've seen something like this before:
Credit card will be charged at time reservation is made. Cancelations must be made by xx date for refund.

Is there any way of requiring them to pay at least some when they make their reservations?

No matter what you put on the flyer, the only way it will be inforced is if you require them to pay up front. You can use an online system that requires them to pre-purchase their spot.

"To confirm your seat, please pre-purchase your ticket via xxx website. Pre-purchased tickets are $25. Or you can pay at the door based on availability for $35 per ticket."

I'm a member in a similar type of chapter. I RSVP'd yes for dinner and a meeting, had a crisis at work and couldn't make it. The financial person emailed me to say she was sorry I missed the meeting, and did I want to pay the $ for dinner at the next meeting, or mail it to her.

I was a member, so I don't know how they handled non members who didn't show.


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