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Our family of 5 is currently holed up in a hotel, aka "temporary quarters", after moving to a new state for DH's job. We're probably going to be here at least two more weeks. I've brought along my electric skillet and crockpot so I can make some one-dish meals. I've got good recipes for chicken tortilla soup, jambalaya, pulled pork and pot roast, but those are going to get old fast.

Does anyone have a good recipe they'd like to share? We're "breakfast for dinner" folk so those will work, too. DH's tummy doesn't do too well with grains so a little bit of flour or rice are okay but anything rice/bread/etc. based won't work for him, although now that I've said that it occurs to me that the kids and I could eat it and he could heat up a can of soup. Sorry DH but desperate times and all that.  ;D

Do breakfast for dinner! You can mix up eggs and whatever you want to put into it (veggies, cheese, ham, sausage) and cook that slowly in the crockpot and then do pancakes on the skillet. DH can have the eggs if the grains in the pancakes are too much for him, and everyone wins!

I've never done breakfast in a crock pot so I checked out some online recipes. I have to say that some of them, especially the egg-based ones, sound quite interesting.

I'd probably cook breakfast on the skillet, but you could probably do a French toast bread pudding type dish in the slow cooker. Like, leave some bread out overnight, cube it, soak it in eggs and milk sweetened with maple syrup or sugar and cinnamon (whatever your peeps prefer), then cook it in the slow cooker? I Googled "slow cooker bread pudding" and got a lot of hits.

My favorite slow cooker item is what Crescent Dragonwagon called "Eternal Soup." You basically make a batch of soup, then replenish it with new ingredients as you eat. It's good for me because it's unlikely that I'll ever eat an entire slow cooker's worth of soup in one sitting, what with the whole living alone thing. :-)

Also, pie:

I think this site is fun and you can start with this recipe.

The Chicken Pot Pie soup on this site I think would be great to adapt to hotel cooking. You ca buy a package of frozen mixed vegetables.  Remember Deli roasted chicken from the grocer is your friend.

And when going to the grocery store, see if they have pre-browned ground beef or sausage. HEB here in Texas always does.
If they don't, substitute diced sausage or chorizo for recipes that call for browned meat. 


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