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crockpot recipes, please

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--- Quote from: Hmmmmm on October 31, 2013, 08:12:20 PM ---I think this site is fun and you can start with this recipe.

The Chicken Pot Pie soup on this site I think would be great to adapt to hotel cooking. You ca buy a package of frozen mixed vegetables.  Remember Deli roasted chicken from the grocer is your friend.

And when going to the grocery store, see if they have pre-browned ground beef or sausage. HEB here in Texas always does.
If they don't, substitute diced sausage or chorizo for recipes that call for browned meat.

--- End quote ---

Ha! I'm in Texas and I wasn't going to try to brown anything for fear it'd set off the smoke alarms. Thank you, I'm all over that!

Well, color me enlightened! ;D

I never thought about doing breakfast in a crockpot . . . and those recipes sound awful tasty. What a wonderful idea for when guests sleep over!

Thanks, JenJay for starting this thread!

Here's an easy recipe for chicken cacciatore that's similar to mine (I don't use the peppers or celery powder and I use the baby-portobello mushrooms and fresh basil instead of dried.):

I had to look it up because I wasn't sure . . . yes! You can cook pasta in the electric skillet. (I'm learning a lot from this thread ;D)

Another thought is Italian Beef sandwiches:

I use 2 packets of powdered (low salt!) Italian salad dressing mix. Rub in one packet all over your beef pot roast of choice (I usually use a chuck roast.) Cover the roast with beef broth (or water or a mixture), add the second packet of Italian dressing along with chopped onion and garlic. Cook on high for 8 hours. Beef should be fork shredable and serve on Italian bread rolls.

There's all kinds of layered enchilada-like recipes out there for crock pots. I made one earlier this week. I did cook the ground beef before putting in it in the CP, though, so not sure if that would work for you.

I love my crock pot.
(she also has a good beef stroganoff, but you would need to cook egg noodles, so that wouldn't work)

StirFry (though not sure how to do the rice?  Perhaps a minute rice in the electric skillet?)

Love this gal's site too.  Plus she posts the stuff that flops.  (She warns you)

This may be a good for the electric skillet (I like this with broccoli slaw instead of using the cabbage/carrots)


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