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BG: I sit close enough to our kitchen area so that I can hear what's going on in there. It's basically background noises like someone's using the microwave or someone's getting ice from the freezer, type of thing. I can hear people talking, but I don't tune into the conversation (just like people talking in the next cube over.) No. I am not a kitchen-cop. These are every-day sounds that I basically ignore. endBG.

The other day (Halloween) I heard some rustling/crinkling with something that sounded like cellophane wrapping. I paid it no never-mind. Then about 30 minutes later I went to refresh my ice water and saw a nice tray of Halloween treats . . . Ghostly Peeps, Bat Pretzels, Rice Krispie bars, and Pumpkin sugar cookies, all singly wrapped . . . 10 of each. (There are 8 people in our immediate office area.)

I thought "Ha! BigBoss did it again! ;D" and took me a rice krispie bar. Yum!

BigBoss does this on occasions. She'll leave a tray of treats (purchased from the cafeteria catering menu) and not tell anyone that they are there. Just a nice surprise type of thing.

I went back to the cube-area and mentioned to CWs that there was a tray of treats in the kitchen.

GrumpyCW asked "Who is it from?" I said "I assume BigBoss" GCW said "Yeah, and she couldn't tell us? >:( What's up with that? ::)" Now, GCW has a thing against BigBoss which I stay out of.

While I was e-mailing a TY to BigBoss, I overheard (yes, I tuned in :-\) GCW saying to other CW "Who's going to eat that (the Peeps)? Those are really disgusting. But I'll take all of these, these are a really good snack food." There was more conversation going on, but I tuned out. A few minutes later I heard GCW open her desk drawer and a few thuds, like someone was dropping things in the drawer.

After a while I went to refresh my ice water and saw that all of the rice krispie bars were gone.

I've also noticed (another BigBoss kindness) that when our fridge is stocked with drinks (soda, gatorade, ice tea, water, etc.) certain things are depleted rather quickly and have seen GCW walking to her cube with several bottles of something or the other.

To me, this is not a hill to die on. I think that these side benefits provided by BigBoss are a wonderful thing. If I get one or two of something offered? I'm happy (except I would have liked another rice krispie treat the next day if any were left. ;))

I do, however, think that GSW is very rude hoarding these benefits (by storing her favorites in her desk.)

What do you think?

Is there a polite way to say something to GSW or should I just let it go.

Your boss provided 4 types of snack, enough for everyone to have one of each type with a few extras, and a coworker took all of one type? She took the remaining 9 Rice Krispie treats? Leaving 30 other snacks to be split among the remaining 8 employees? I'd send a generic email to everyone along the lines of "I was dissappointed to see that someone took all of the Rice Krispie treats that were so generously left in the break room for everyone to share. In the future I would appreciate everyone having a chance to get a treat before the 'leftovers' are taken. Thanks."

I think this is one of those things you just have to let go. If BigBoss notices and cares, BigBoss should take care of it.

Although I have to admit, my brain is struggling with the fact that GCW dislikes BigBoss and dislikes the way BigBoss handles the treats, yet doesn't see the disconnect between that and taking large amounts of the treats and hoarding them and not letting other co-workers get their fair share of a given treat.

GCW really needs a lesson on sharing, but it would probably be rude to give it to her.

shhh its me:
  I think if you see her take all of the treats you can make an interesting assumption ......" You must be famished"  , "No, I just really like these." , " Oh well since you really like them. I guess its fair you're taking them all."  You have to pull off the tone.  You cant be snide or sarcastic you have to sound pleasant.

Ginger G:
Yeah, we have one of those in our department.  The rest of us have basically learned that if we want something, we better hurry up and get it before the hoarder gets there.  I learned that myself the hard way when we had a department box lunch and the restaurant sent us 1 cookie per box lunch, so exactly one per person.  Usually the cookies were in the boxes but for some reason they were in a separate container this time.  When I finished my lunch, I wanted to take my cookie to eat later but it was gone.  I didn't make a big deal since it was just a cookie, but I know a couple of people in our department who would have pitched a total fit over it.


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