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I just finished reading a great murder mystery "The 27-Ingredient Chili Con Carne Murders" and the recipe for the chili is in the book.  Here is a link to the book which allows you a preview of the book, and you can see the recipe is in the preview.

Has anyone ever made this chili?  I really want to try it this weekend but had a couple questions.  She says "3 pounds chopped sirloin" - is that a sirloin steak diced into small pieces or is it sirloin hamburger meat?  And "grated orange peel" - she doesn't specify how much.  Would that be all the grated orange peel from one orange? 

I'm guessing sirloin hamburger meat, but that's just me. As for the grated orange peel, I have no idea....maybe start with a tablespoon and see if that'll do the trick?

Not hamburger meat.  Shredded steak.  Um.

I've had the sirloin chopped into tiny pieces in chili but do prefer it ground.

Don't know about the orange peel, but as large a recipe as that is, I agree 1T would be a good start. That's a teaspoon per pound of meat and with all the other stuff, it should brighten the dish without adding real orange flavor.

Please let us know. Thanks.

I would go with chopped sirloin not mince. Not sure about the orange peel, a teaspoon doesn't seem like much t such a large recipe, how much would you get from a whole orange?


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