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I had to do one of my 2x a month grocery store runs for myself, and usually end up at Aldi's due to the low prices.  I make sure I have a quarter for the cart and you get it back after the cart is returned.  I also bring my own bags so I do not have to pay 10 cents a bag.  A woman was unloading her cart, then I offered a quarter and she took so she would not to walk the cart back.  On the way out as I didn't have a lot in my 2 bags, I saw someone fumbling for a quarter and offered my cart after removing items.  She didn't have the quarter and I let her have the cart anyway.  She said "you are too kind, not many out there, I insist you take this dollar instead for your kindness and i will not take no for answer." She gave me the dollar.   The dollar went into the collection plate the following Saturday evening with my normal offering at Mass.

Curious Cat:
That was so sweet of her to give you a dollar for the cart!  How nice to be able to spread the wealth!

Love that they recently opened an Aldi's near our house - hadn't seen one since we left Kentucky in 1998!  The local shoppers also walk up to other people with a quarter - or smaller change adding up to the same amount - to get their cart so they don't have to wrestle one out of the "stack" of chained carts at the front!

Ambrosia Hino had one open almost across from one of the other stores where we used to live (and she still does) after we left in 2005/2006. 

The only thing that I don't understand about Aldi's is all the people who walk in past the sign that they ONLY take cash and debit cards (to keep down prices) - no checks or credit cards.  And people will get to the front of the store with a FULL cart (prices really can be lower) and then pull out a credit card - because "they don't have that much cash on them" or they don't have a debit card (ATM card) with them...

Thirty-five years ago, when I was in college, their parents probably walked into fast food places and tried to order food with only a check or a credit card on them (before debit cards) - and fast food places took ONLY cash at the time.  I remember working at one in high school and another in college - they didn't take credit cards for YEARS!

Speaking as someone who has been a cashier at Walmart.....people just don't have follow through sometimes. As in, they know things work a certain way, but it doesn't process that hey, this means it applies to *me* too.

Like the time I had to explain to the nice lady that no, your food stamp card will *not* cover scented wax for your candle warmer. Because it isn't food. Without being allowed to use those words.  :o

And the lady at Aldi was awesome, and you are even more so, MissRose. :)

I just spent $220 at Aldi's. That's actually kind of hard to do.  Love that place.

I had an opposite experience, after I put my groceries in the car, a guy came up to me and asked if I needed the cart.. I said no, he could have it, and he said Thanks, took it, and walked into the store. Didn't offer me a quarter.  >:(   I suppose I could have asked for it but hey, it's a quarter. Maybe it was his first time there.


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