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--- Quote from: perpetua on February 25, 2014, 03:45:22 PM ---A credit transaction isn't the same thing as 'putting something on your credit card', it seems!

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That's it exactly. Sometimes, I'll say "go ahead and put it on my credit card" when I use my check card.  The merchant, who is simply running a transaction through Visa, has no way of knowing the difference between my check card and an actual credit card.  This is especially true for online transactions.

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Right, but that's just a figure of speech, yes? Because you're not actually 'putting it on your credit card', ie, adding the cost of that item to the balance on your credit card account? Because that would seem impossible using a debit card from your current account, hence my confusion. I mean, the account numbers are different and everything, yes?

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Right.  Sometimes, putting something on the credit card literally means using a credit account to complete the transaction.  Other times, it just means to process a debit card as if it was a credit card (i.e. run my bank card through their computer as if it was a Visa card).

I have a dual credit/debit card (living in Europe). It is basically two different cards in one plastic, up to the point that actually they have different card numbers, even if it is only one physical card. Credit side works as credit cards most often work: It will add the purchased sum to the credit account which is then billed from me afterwards. Debit side takes the money from the account which the card is tied to. Paying method is same for both, as it is chip card it will require the pin code for both sides (or if the merchant is having only outdated equipment, it can be done by swiping the magnetic stripe and signing).

What I would like most is "online" debit card but they are sometimes so durned slow to use that I just use debit. But I get irritated as the transaction does not show immediately on my account and then it's hassle to memorize/hunt receipts to check if all transactions are showing and how much I really have money left.

As around here all places have cart system like your Aldi's have, there are also market for key fobs which have removable coin-sized disc you can use to obtain shopping cart. They are life savers for those who rarely carry coins/cash on them! Flat washers may also work if they are right size, so you can make your own if they do not sell these there.

I have a debit card, but I'm not sure I know my PIN.  So I wouldn't be able to use it unless I could figure out what my PIN is.  I use either credit or cash for most things, and I wouldn't necessarily have enough cash on me for a grocery trip unless I knew I needed it.

Early on, debit cards and credit cards were entirely separate things. Debit cards debited an account with existing money and credit cards were essentially a loan. And they still exist in those separate forms. But because they were logoed and processed by the same organizations (Visa and MasterCard), they started to mash them together. So a Visa-logoed debit card can be used in a pin transaction, or it can be used in a signature transaction. In both cases, the protections are less than they are if you use a true credit card, although Visa recently announced some changes in that way.

So, you really have three kinds of transaction:

Debit (with a debit card and pin)
Debit-as-credit (with a debit card and signature)
Credit (with a credit card and signature)

It's going to get even more interesting in the US as we switch our cards to chip-and-pin and away from signature.


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