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Shopping carts at Aldi's....

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mumma to KMC:

--- Quote from: amylouky on November 06, 2013, 09:07:47 AM ---I just spent $220 at Aldi's. That's actually kind of hard to do.  Love that place.

I had an opposite experience, after I put my groceries in the car, a guy came up to me and asked if I needed the cart.. I said no, he could have it, and he said Thanks, took it, and walked into the store. Didn't offer me a quarter.  >:(   I suppose I could have asked for it but hey, it's a quarter. Maybe it was his first time there.

--- End quote ---

Our closest Aldi is 150 miles away. We just so happened to be in that town a few weeks back. I said "tomatoes and chocolate and that's all." $135 later, we were loading the car up. It really is cheaper than anything I can get around here and the quality is just the same.

I am so glad I stumbled upon this thread. There is an Aldi's in the neighboring city and my mom and I (me?) have been thinking about stopping in there to check it out. I had no idea until I read this thread that you have to pay for a cart and bags, and that they only take cash and debit cards. I'm not sure we would have noticed any signs about payment methods, but I guess that depends on how obvious they are. We don't carry much cash and neither one of us have a debit card. Since we both suffer from social anxiety, we find it so much easier to know these kinds of things before going someplace new. So this thread saved us from potential embarrassment.

I have found the prices to be about the same for equal quality, but there are a couple of things that keep me going back.  Their version of Velveeta is far superior to real Velveeta.  We call it Velveeta-ish on the grocery list.  They have these beer bratwurst's that are amazing.  DD is on a high-protein, high fat diet and those were a staple for awhile.  I still buy all they have when we infrequently go. 

You don't pay for the cart - you get the quarter back when you return it to the rack - but they want the carts returned to the rack, not blowing into the sides of vehicles or whatever.

If you let the kid return the cart (older kid) and keep the quarter - they seem to like "helping" more even when they don't get a quarter from the other grocery stores in town.

Sorry to chime in so late, but Sophia needs to know -

To get a cart at Aldi it has to be a quarter.  2 dimes and a nickle won't work.  The quarter goes in a slot  on a lock box on the cart, releasing the chain holding it to the next cart in the line.  Your quarter stays in the lock box until the cart is put back and locked to the cart ahead of it. 

Aldi does that so they don't have to pay someone to go out in the parking lot to bring in the carts. 

The signs about payment are on the door as you enter the store. 


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