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Time for a misheard lyric thread!

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I was cleaning while listening to Music Channels and was trying to procrastinate thought that we hadn't had a misheard lyric thread for ages.  I was singing along, when something said, "That doesn't make sense".  Thanks to Google, I found THREE misheard lyrics that I'd held as gospel for *cough* at least 30 years  ::).

Elton John, "Rocket Man":
I hear: Rocket Man, wearing out his shoes up here alone
Real lyric: Rocket Man, burning out his fuse up here alone

Olivia Newton-John, "Have You Never Been Mellow":
I thought both the title and the lyric were "Have You Ever Been Mad, Love?"

Pink Floyd, Young Lust (never knew that was the name of the song, either):
I hear: Ooooooh, she's a magic woman
            Ooooooh, and I'm a magic guy
The Real Lyric: Ooooooh, I need a dirty woman
                        Ooooooh, I need a dirty girl

Anyone else?


My favorite from when I was a child - in Foreigner's Hot Blooded he sings "Come on baby, do you do more than dance?" My young and naive self heard "Come on baby, do you do modern dance?" because I had an older cousin studying dance.  ;D

My absolute favorite is DH's version of The Who's Pinball Wizard. For years I'd sit quietly by and enjoy listening to him sing "That deaf, dumb, black kid sure plays a mean pinball." Eventually I started to feel guilty for letting him continue, so one day I said "Hon? I think he's saying 'blind kid'. Don't you think?" He said "No, black kid, right?" I countered "But if that was the case couldn't he just see the game?" Cue major lightbulb moment on DH's face and "Holy crap!"  ;D

A favorite story of mine is my mom's misheard lyrics, which still torment her to this day.

The song is North to Alaska by Johnny Horton.

What she heard: North to Alaska, we're going north to Mexico

Real lyrics: North to Alaska, we're going north, the rush is on

Team HoundMom:
I used to think that AC/DC did "dirty deeds" in a "Dunder Jeep."  You know, like a dune buggy or something.

My old roommate's co-worker thought that Eiffel 65 were singing "I'm blue I'm in need of a guy."  I still sing it like that.

There's a commercial jingle on the radio for "Hitch City" (motorhomes) - I always hear a different word in my head.

Just remembered one from my youngest. He was about 8 and we're in the car. Breaking Benjamin's song Diary of Jane was playing and after several minutes DS asks, in this disgusted tone of voice, "Does he keep saying diarrhea Jane? Because that's gross!"


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