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Yes, thank you but I DON'T want to show my breasts! Update #76, p.6

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I am also a breastfeeding woman who does not feel comfortable exposing my breasts to anybody but the baby and DH.  Like you, I also don't have anything against those who choose not to cover up (as long as they aren't making a scene about it).

I would tell this friend, "I don't have anything against women who choose to feed without a cover, but I personally don't feel comfortable doing it.  Please respect my choice."  I do find it ironic that she expresses that women shouldn't feel the need to cover if that makes them more comfortable, yet feels there is something wrong with your choice of covering up although that is what makes you comfortable.  If you told her your feelings repeatedly and she doesn't listen, she is putting her personal opinion ahead of your feelings.  Maybe the best thing you can do is agree to disagree about the topic and tell her not to bring it up again.  If she does, end the conversation or visit.

I'm afraid I'd be tempted to be very blunt and ask "Why are you so intent on viewing my breasts?"

Snarky pirate wants to say "If we're not married and you're not the one getting nutritional benefits from this, it's $200 an hour."

I would find a photo of a nice set of breasts and the next time you nurse around her I would simply hand her photo and say " since you seem to obsess over my breasts whenever I nurse, here's a set for you to look at ."

Not ehell approved, but it may get your point across.

I'm quite happy to have mine out in front of female friends but I have one girlfriend who prefers to remove herself from the room completely.

It shocks me that this woman does not respect your decision as a nursing mother to do whatever makes YOU the most comfortable. It boggles my mind. Anyone who feels the promotion of nursing is of utmost importance should know that the basic principle of mother's comfort is critical.

Maybe make it be about her instead.

"You are being very disrespectful."
"You are invading my personal space."
"You need to keep your hands to yourself."

"Surely you understand that, since *I* am the one doing the nursing, *my* comfort is most important. So leave me alone."

You've done all the other, polite things. It's time to go on the attack.

But yeah, how rude.

I would say that the other option is to always remove yourself from her presence--or ask her to leave, since you aren't comfortable with her being present.


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