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I am returning home next week to my home state to visit family. Before making travel plans, I contacted Sib #1 to ask if the dates I selected would work. She agreed and said make your plans. I booked my flight, rental car, and hotel. I told Sib #2 of the dates who seemed OK at the time. Last weekend Sib #2 calls me and asks me to change the trip to one month later because it interferes with hunting season that he and Sib #3 look forward to every year. He sighs and just says "It's a bad time for everyone". I replied, "Everyone is busy all year". He reiterates, "You need to change your plans." I answer, 'I'm sorry that won't be possible. I'm not changing them. If you can't see me that week, I'm sorry". I felt my anger rising and hung up since I could no longer say anything else.

I am making this trip primarily to visit an elderly relative in poor health anyway and none of the 3 sibs have been asked to put me up in their homes or entertain me for the 6 days of the visit. If I traveled the next month, the bitter cold of my home state would probably cause me to have severe joint pain.

Sib #2 calls back repeatedly that day and I do not return any of the calls.

The next day he called, I was in a better frame of mind to deal with him. He said he was sorry and that it was only just an idea. I explained that life was too short to quarrel and hoped to see him sometime when I was there.

Sib #1 was amazed he called back to say he was sorry since he can be very difficult.

So I would like to thank this forum for all the support I have received to be able to do this and resolve a family conflict quickly and peacefully.

Admiring that shiny, titanium spine you're sporting there!


--- Quote --- felt my anger rising and hung up since I could no longer say anything else.

--- End quote ---

How very wise you are!

(and by "everyone," he meant him)

Oh Joy:
This is your hometown and family, I understand.  Was this part of hunting season important?

I ask because it's deer opener here today, and lots of families and organizations plan their fall around keeping this weekend open for those who will be gone or busy.  Heck, I was engaged to someone once who wanted to make sure we didn't conceive nine months earlier because it would create a standing conflict.  ;-)

Back to business, I only ask to get a feel of regional culture and norms. 

Even if Sib2 had plans to hunt the snark, it does not entitle him to dictate his sister's travel plans.


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