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is it polite to continue ignoring this person? Update #28

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Although this happened on facebook, and isn't really dating, per se, I thought it best fit here.  If this isn't the best thread for it, please feel free to move it moderators.

About a year ago, I got a message in the "other" folder on facebook.  It was from a woman purporting to be an 'old high school friend'.  I didn't recognize the name at all.  I had my profile unsearchable.  The message was a little weird, referencing an old song and discussing how she used to think about me when that song played.  it was kind of flirty and skeeved me out.  I never wrote this person back , because I didn't know them.

It turned out that this woman had been my younger brother's GF for a short while and has since changed both her first and last name, which is why I didn't recognize it.  When she contacted him, she didn't mention her old name so he had no idea who she was at first.  Then when she contacted me, she also didn't mention her old name at all.  She was able to send me a message because he doesn't have privacy settings on his friends list.

Fast forward to last month.  There was another message from her in my 'other' folder.  This time it mentioned her old name and also that she'd really like to get together and how she was always thinking about me while she was dating my brother...  I found it incredibly creepy.  It's been over 35 years and I only met her a couple times when they were dating all those years ago.

Thanks for sticking around until the end of the post.  Is it polite of me to keep ignoring these messages? 

Just block her and be done with it. 

Thank you.  I've been not doing that because I didn't know whether it would be polite.

Ciming in late but ditto to Barensmom.

If you wanted to respond with a "Please do not contact or I'm not interested" and then block her, you could do that also.

Outdoor Girl:
She is essentially cyber stalking you.  Polite isn't really necessary.  Ignore and block.


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