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Preggo brain #Great Update! P3

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I am 30 weeks pregnant and my preggo brain has reared its ugly head. So far I have:
-made a beautiful soup stock and poured it down the drain instead of into the pot
-put the phone in the fridge
-put the ice cream in the fridge (note to self, avoid the fridge)
-put peanut butter in the freezer
-forgot the dog outside....almost daily
-forgot to turn on the oven/stove while cooking...almost daily

I hope this means that my baby is extra smart for dulling my brain cells.
Anyone else do anything this ridiculous while pregnant?

When I was only a week or two from having DD, I went shopping at Target for some baby stuff.  I left my car running for an hour in the parking lot.  Keys in, unlocked the whole time  I was in the store.  Duh.

Yes, I have pretty bad pregnancy brain right now. Recently I had a bit of a freak out because the scanner wasn't working and I couldn't figure out what was wrong. I finally asked a coworker for help. He flipped the switch to "on."

Every time we have another kid we end up needing new kitchen glasses. For some reason I seem to forget that I need to keep my hand closed when transporting beverages.

I have avoided pregnancy brain so far.  Now post pregnancy.... that's a different story!  Also, we are both 30 weeks along!  My due date is January 19.  When is yours?


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