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I'm going to be giving a baby shower in a few weeks.  I have co-hosted a baby shower with my sister two years ago.  During that shower, my sister bought all the gifts for the games we played.  She ended up buying things like mini sized baby shampoo, lotion, oil. etc.  Everything that was to be given to the winners of the games ended up being handed over to the new mom.  Is this normal?  I always thought that the gifts won during games were actually something the player could use.  Help!!!

I can't speak to baby showers, but I can tell you that gifts of lotions, shampoos, etc. that are given as gifts or prizes to me all get given away or thrown out. I use only fragrance-free products, very specific ones at that, and have no use for anything else. I am sorry because it was a waste on someone's part, but that won't make me use them. (For the record, I have no allergies. I just can't stand the stink of them.)

That's my experience as well, that the prizes are a form of favor for the guests/present givers.

I think you can just decide unilaterally (you are the hostess! you are queen!) that this is what you want to do. Then choose prizes that fit that idea. Like, kitchen gadgets, or beauty products, etc. The less "baby" the gift, the more likely everybody will get the unspoken plan.

And then never offer any mechanism for "returning" them to the new mom. Also say things like, "you'll love having this!" or "for you!" nice and clear.

I've heard of people (guests) assuming that all prizes should be returned to the GoH, but you don't need to do that.

(also, don't twist yourself into knots trying to avoid all lotions, etc.; no prize will be perfect for everyone.)

gramma dishes:
Are prizes essential where you live? 

I've been to a number of both bridal and baby showers where games were played, but they were just played for fun and entertainment.  I honestly don't recall a single time when "prizes" were given. 

For that matter, I don't remember the games even being set up to produce 'winners'.  Games would be more like:  Think up as many wedding related words as possible using only the letters of the bride's maiden name.  Then the results were shared with people crossing off words already suggested by others.  If one person had several additional words, everyone would say the equivalent of "Good job, Murgotrude!" but no prizes.

Outdoor Girl:
I was at a coed baby shower once.  The baby was already on scene so it became a meet the baby party.  The hostess was quite creative in her games.  And the prizes went to the person who won the game, not to the baby mama.

I offer you this as a suggestion of a game:  The hostess bought, as her gift to the mom, all sorts of little things.  Socks, rattles, soothers, little baby toys, etc. and laid them out on a tray.  She then got the mom to walk around the room, showing the tray to everyone.  Then mom, and the tray, left the room.  Of course, we were all expecting to write down as many of the things on the tray as we could remember and we had all been memorizing as we were shown.  The hostess then said, 'Write down as much as you can remember about what mom was wearing.  Threw us all for a loop but it was fun.

Nothing annoys me more than winning a little prize and then being expected to turn it over to the GOH.  I won it; I'm keeping it!  And then the guilt trip starts.  Fortunately, most of my friends aren't like this and it has only happened once or twice.


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