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Chocolate mint peanut butter


I made the mistake of buying Chocolate Mint Peanut Butter Jif Whips. It tastes horrible :-X Any ideas for using the peanut butter up ? I'd hate to waste food by throwing it out

Any way you can fold it into a brownie mix?  I've not tried it myself, but to be honest, if it is really bad, it probably isn't going to add anything good to other recipes.

Mint and peanut butter do not sound delicious to me...

Maybe try it as a filling for chocolate chip sandwich cookies? If you try one and it's still gross just leave the rest as cookies.

I'm with Rohanna. Sounds like an abomination. Mixing some into brownies might work. Try adding a scoop to hot cocoa, along with a peppermint stick for stirring? Make those lava cakes with a molten peanut butter-chocolate-mint center? Try to mix it into a ganache for truffles or to layer between cookies and cake? Smoothie? Character-building exercise for kids who curse? Bait?


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