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Weird happenings at the checkout.

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Went to buy dinner today, and got into line, deposited my things on the belt as usual. The guy behind me suddenly says something. I can't make it out, but I turn to him, and the following exchange occurred:

Him: You're going to buy these for me. *as he is shoving his groceries in with my order*
Me: *firmly* No. I am not.

I thought maybe he was joking at first but then he went back to wherever to return the groceries he wanted me to buy.

I didn't even know this guy. It was one of the strangest encounters I have ever been a part of. But I was able to stand my ground thanks to my ehell training.

That is bizarre! Good on you for not engaging with him and just saying no!

Handled perfectly!  Maybe he thinks that he has Vulcan mind control? 

Wow.  That's odd.  Wonder if that's worked for him in the past?

Wow. That's weird. Nicely handled, though. I wonder if the person working at the check-out noticed? It's possible he went and tried it on someone else afterwards. People whose intentions are not to buy anything, but instead to harass shoppers, have no business in a shop.

I love how he just stated, "You're going to do X for me," instead of asking like someone with an atom of social sense. I hope that it hasn't worked for him in the past--if he's truly in need, then bossing people around and behaving as though their money is there to be spent on him is absolutely not the way to go. A speck of politeness goes a long way when you truly are in a state of relying on others.


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