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Weird happenings at the checkout.

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--- Quote from: Runningstar on November 16, 2013, 06:43:50 AM ---Handled perfectly!  Maybe he thinks that he has Vulcan mind control?

--- End quote ---

No, the Force.

I saw this just after reading this thread

When 18 was legal I had some want to be thugs* from my HS try to tell me I was going to purchase beer for them. I just told the manager what they were doing. He banned them and threatened to call the village cops on them. After I finished shopping the manager walked me to my car.

*Kind of humorous with them in their polo shirts and khakis doing their version of a street tough guy.

Need to Change:
Many years ago, as I'd entered a supermarket not so far away, a woman approached me, called me "cousin," and asked me to tell the nice security guard that she was with me (and, a few spare dollars would be nice).   :o  Seems said guard had been trying to persuade her to leave the store.

(Thing is, we did look like we we could be related ... but all of my relatives are at least a thousand miles away.)

Of course, I told the nice security guard that I was not her cousin and, in fact, she was a complete stranger.  She was escorted from the store.

Wow.  Definitely one of the weirder things I've heard here.  Good for you for firmly and politely stating that you wouldn't do what he demanded.

I wonder if he believes people will just do this if he demands it.  Maybe he thinks they will be too nonplussed to refuse.

???  What the..?

I'm baffled.  But you handled it well, OP.  Just "No".

I'm guessing he gets away with that enough to keep trying.  There are people like that and also others who are intimidated enough to do whatever someone else demands.


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