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Author Topic: s/o stolen pink hat weirdness - what's the weirdest thing ever stolen from you?  (Read 42265 times)

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rose red

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^Thanks.  I did end up finding it, but it's good to have a link for convenience in case others missed it like I did.


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A nearly full box of tampons and a pair of good poultry shears.

Pretty sure it was a particular in-law both times, as she was the only one who had been over recently when the tampons went missing, and was also present when the poultry shears went astray.


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A flute.  Which although it was worth a bit was ultimately useless.  I was a student in high school, and in a pretty sparsely populated area.  It was stolen from me at school, and no one would have been able to turn up with it and claim it was their own (it was completely different from the ones the other students had).  Pawn shops were unknown in the area, you would have had to travel miles and miles.

I often wonder WHY would someone have done it.
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A head of broccoli from the planting bed in front of the house. It was big and succulent-looking, and I was going to pick it that evening . . . but it was gone! I was extremely annoyed, because I have very little luck with broccoli and this was the best-looking head I ever grew.


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A slightly ratty "Welcome" mat when I was in grad school.  I had it in the hall of my apartment in front of my door.  One day I got up and it just wasn't there anymore. 

I am not sure if it was actually stolen or if the cleaners just went through and tossed it.


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Another one: someone stole all of the bulbs from the strings of Christmas lights my dad had put on the bushes in front of the house. Probably a stupid kid prank, but it made him so mad he didn't put lights up outside for at least 10 years, maybe longer.

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My signed yearbook got stolen in high school.  Since I was a senior, I had to take a senior exam in health class.  Since I'd procrastinated on taking such a stupid, pointless class, I was the only senior.  So my teacher set up a desk in the hallway and had me take my exam out there while she taught class for the rest of the kids.  When I came in to turn in my test, somebody stole my yearbook.  I had to buy a new $50 yearbook and try to get all my friends to sign it a second time, and most of them signed things like, "I don't remember all the stuff I wrote on your first yearbook, but... have a great summer!"  <sigh>

My parents had what I thought was the funniest theft ever.  They had a canoe stolen out of their crawlspace!  The thing that I thought the funniest was that the canoe had a hole in it (not hugely visible).  I always envisioned the thieves taking the canoe out for a nice paddle, only to end up getting very wet and mad!  Hee hee.  Also, who steals a canoe?  Seriously?
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Someone broke into my car once and stole my prescription glasses and a bag of about 10 DVDs out of the back seat. Not that weird except that they were apparently film critic thieves.. they left "Shakespeare in love" behind.

gramma dishes

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Someone broke into my parents' house while they were gone and stole (brace for it) two huge old family Bibles!  That's it.  There were portable stereos in the house and other things that might be sellable, but all they took were the Bibles.   :o


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My apartment was broken into once.  It was during my college internship, so the apartment was furnished and I didn't have much beyond my clothes anyway.  The guy that broke in, went through the couch cushions, took my jacket out of the closet and searched through the pockets - finding nothing.  He emptied out my piggy bank, but didn't take it since it was only pennies.  My jewelry box was small enough he could just grabbed the whole thing, instead he went through it and took my high school class ring and a costume jewelry ring, leaving behind the gold earrings and bracelet that were actually worth something.   He also took some tickets I had laying on my dresser, but I don't think he really wanted to go to a lecture at my college.

Then, he stuck his head out the window, right as my neighbor was walking by.  She realized something was up, walked downstairs to another neighbors apartment, and called the polic.  Because he had backed into the parking space, they were even able to give the police his license plate.


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A Romance novel from a hotel room.  It was a cheap one, but a good one.  I would have been more annoyed if I'd had more than a page left.

Also, back in the dark ages when boom boxes were still seen but late enough that they were really cheap.  I had one with detachable speakers that I used for books on tape.  Since it was books and not music I only had one speaker attached since I moved it around the house.  A kid home on Good Friday (that it was Good Friday irks me) stole the boom box but not the other speaker that was sitting nearby.  Yeah, kids Love to listen to non-stereo music. 

Sophie Jenkins

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My husband had his car jimmied open, and the only things taken were the front of the cd player and three of the six boyband cds I'd left in the car the last time I'd used it. Not all the cds, not the spare $20 for emergency gas in the glove compartment... three N'Sync cds and the front of a cd player.


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Someone broke into my parents' house while they were gone and stole (brace for it) two huge old family Bibles!  That's it.  There were portable stereos in the house and other things that might be sellable, but all they took were the Bibles.   :o

That's probably because a lot of people will hide money in their Bibles, thinking that it's a "safe" hiding place.  My stepdad picked up an entire box of Bibles at an estate auction once, and found about $600 stashed away in the pages.


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My nice rechargeable toothbrush.  Not the charger.  Just the toothbrush.  They were in for a suprise in 5-7 days.

Also, my sister had the right rear window stolen from her car.


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An apartment building I lived in during college had two inflatable whales floating in the pool.  They disappeared one night but were later seen in the back yard of a fraternity down the block. 
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