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Author Topic: s/o stolen pink hat weirdness - what's the weirdest thing ever stolen from you?  (Read 42274 times)

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My underwear.  I lived in an all female dorm and we had community laundry rooms on each floor.  The culture was such that you put your laundry in to wash and then came back in 30 minutes or so. 

I came back at the 25 minute mark to find my laundry had been stopped. I thought it was weird but there was no one else there so I started it up again (to do the final spin.)  I didn't realize until I was folding everything that ALL of my underwear were missing.  So weird, LOL.

We had a headphone thief here at work a few years ago.  If you wanted to keep your HP, you put them in a locked drawer or took them home.


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I forgot one. My dorm in college had a mannequin as a mascot. Someone had fished it out of a dumpster, brought it back, and we cleaned it up and named her Mitzi. And wed dress her up and show her off at parties. One night, she disappeared, never to be seen again. We think some of the frat guys took her.


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I had a friend who had their car broken into.

No damage was done and all that was taken was the beach towels and their Rx sunglasses.  They left the money, cell phone and charger.  I guess they didn't try on the sunglasses or they would have figured out there was a crazy high Rx in them.
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Someone broke into my ex-bf's car, pulled out the stereo, removed the CD, replaced it with another CD and put the whole thing back.  The only thing they actually TOOK was the C D originally in the CD player.
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When I was a kid, someone broke into my dad's car (in our garage, no less!) and stole a briefcase, some pens, a calculator and the front of the CD player.  Whoever it was was scared off by our dogs barking and fled.  Everything they stole was dropped in various neighbor's lawns, so it was all recovered.  No one could ever come up for a reason for the theft...


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My husband had his car jimmied open, and the only things taken were the front of the cd player and three of the six boyband cds I'd left in the car the last time I'd used it. Not all the cds, not the spare $20 for emergency gas in the glove compartment... three N'Sync cds and the front of a cd player.

Someone broke into my Mum's car (about 3 years ago now) and stole her "ABBA Gold" CD. The weirdest thing was that that CD was in one of those canvas CD holders, in the glovebox. None of the other 20 or so CDs were removed (and there was some pretty nice music in there!), just that one ABBA CD.

They left the radio, the digital tyre inflator, a rather nice jacket, and the earrings she'd left in the little well under the handbrake. Literally, the only thing that was taken was that one CD.

To this day, I wonder whether it was just some kids playing a prank, because I can't think of any other reason someone would put a brick through a car window (in a church carpark - the brick was still on the driver's seat), and only take one CD, which wasn't even on show.


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Comfortable, oversized pair of jeans and my community college diploma (never figured out why anyone would take that)
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My mother had a bathing suit stolen from a hotel.  She had placed the wet suit on a chair on the balcony of their room to dry overnight.  Went to breakfast the next morning and when they returned, the bathing suit was gone.  She looked to see if it had fallen off the balcony, but no such luck.

My uncle once had about 6 sets of cufflinks.  Someone broke into his house and stole one of each set (i.e. 6 singlular cuff links).

Our car was broken into (it was unlocked) and someone took our garage door opener.  It was about the size of a cell phone so I'm guessing someone feeling around in the dark could have mistaken it for a phone.  Funny thing was, they pressed the button, my garage door went up, causing The Beagle to bark his head off and my neighbors motion sensor lights to go on.

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A buddy told me about this one:

He and his college buddies had a little fun one night.  They drove around a particular neighbourhood and picked up all the lawn ornaments, tossed them in the back of the pick-up.  Then they drove back around the same neighbourhood, putting them all back out willy-nilly. 

So the next morning, the homeowners would look out, 'Hey, my flamingo's gone!  Wait, where did that gnome come from??'

My uncle once had about 6 sets of cufflinks.  Someone broke into his house and stole one of each set (i.e. 6 singlular cuff links).

Must have been the one-armed man!   ;)
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My still-wet laundry from a dorm dryer in college. Not so weird though, I guess, since the thief carefully picked through it and stole the few name-brand items and left me my socks and sweats.

Someone stole a load of a friend's underwear from the washing machine when I was in college. She found them the next day, strewn about the shrubs all down the street.
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When I was in sixth grade, my favorite pen was taken.  I was on one knee, rummaging through my locker, and I put the pen on the floor for just a moment as I was retrieving a textbook and notebook.  I looked down, literally no more than ten seconds later, and the pen was gone.  It hadn't been kicked somewhere by the hallway traffic, either.  I was annoyed, but I had other pens to use, so it wasn't that big a deal.

When we were moving to the house we're in now, I had a mood ring stolen from the kitchen counter of the old house.  The movers were family members and family friends, so my parents swear up and down that it couldn't have been any of them, and I should be ashamed of myself for suspecting the child of one of the movers, who was bouncing off the walls and making a pest of herself.  Uh-huh...

Finally, and I do count this as stealing, my mother gave one of my old dresses to the little girl, and I didn't find out until she came running up the sidewalk from her parents' car with it on.  I could no longer fit into it, but so much was changing, and now my stuff was being given away.  Of course, I couldn't say anything.  That would have been 'rude'.  (I don't know if it would have been or not, but that one stung.)


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The tape case for my cassette tape.  22 years ago, a college classmate saw me carrying around my case of ten pre-recorded tapes.  He asked me if he could borrow a specific one.  I barely knew him, but I didn't feel I could say no so I agreed.  He returned my tape to me about a week later, and I couldn't quite figure out why it looked different then it dawned on me -- the crap artist switched out my perfect-condition tape case for one that was old and extremely scratched up.  I decided I'd never lend him anything again, but he didn't ask (I didn't have the nerve then to confront him on it).

An almost empty can of Extra Super Hold Aquanet hairspray.  28 years ago, YoungerSis and I both used a lot of hairspray for our stupid 80s hairstyles, and my can was near empty (so good enough for maybe one more hairdo).  YS realized this so, one morning, I get ready for school, and my hairspray is gone (specifically, I bought it so there was no question it was mine).  I asked YS what she did with my hairspray, and she lied and said it was empty so she threw it away.  I asked her where she threw it away as it wasn't empty.  She lied and said she didn't know where.  I thought, "Fine.  I can't do my hair, then neither can you" and hid the hairdryer (I was 16 years old; she was 13 -- bad hairdos were the bane of our lives).  So, when she was getting ready, she asked me where the hairdryer was; I lied and told her I had no idea.  She reiterated the can was empty and threw it away.  I told her well, then, I have no idea where the hairdryer is.  When I got back from school later that day, poof!  my hairspray had magically reappeared.


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Someone broke into my parents' house while they were gone and stole (brace for it) two huge old family Bibles!  That's it.  There were portable stereos in the house and other things that might be sellable, but all they took were the Bibles.   :o

That's probably because a lot of people will hide money in their Bibles, thinking that it's a "safe" hiding place.  My stepdad picked up an entire box of Bibles at an estate auction once, and found about $600 stashed away in the pages.

Or give it as a gift tucked inside a Bible that's also part of the gift. There's an old glurge legend about a family rift involving one of these.


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1) The welcome mat from our front porch.
2) A pair of ratty old shutters hidden off the front porch so a Freecycler could pick them up and use for an art project. (Different time from the welcome mat being stolen and specifically hidden so thieves wouldn't get to them before Freecycler could.)
3) This one isn't weird but lowdown and dirty - when I was a kid our babysitter stole the $40 I had hidden under my pillow while I slept. Daughter of a family friend baby sat for us. Mom suspected she'd been stealing from her for a while. She set up a trap one night and asked her to babysit. The dresser drawer where she kept her grocery money was booby trapped so mom could tell if it was messed with when she returned. I was supposed to go to the State Fair the next day and had saved up for months to have $40. A fortune! Knowing that babysitter might be a thief I hid my cash the best place a 7 year old could think of - under my pillow. Babysitter came in some time after I was asleep and somehow found it and took it.


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Did the babysitter get caught in the mom's trap, or did she figure that one out?  Did your mom replace your money, or were you out of luck?  :(
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