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Author Topic: s/o stolen pink hat weirdness - what's the weirdest thing ever stolen from you?  (Read 42292 times)

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A pink and white psychedelic swirl patterened cigarette lighter.  Probably worth all of about $2 but it was taken by a friend who couldn't work out what the big deal was.  Uhh, you don't steal from friends?
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A lock set out of the door.

My soon to be XSIL is unstable and off her meds.  She'd left my brother and he changed the locks on the advice of his lawyer.  She came back, forced her way in and my brother left, again on the advice of his lawyer.  My nephews stayed behind.  SIL proceeded to start removing the lock sets so she could replace them with sets she had keys to.  Police were involved and when my brother got back into the house, one lock set was missing.  She wouldn't or couldn't tell the cops what she'd done with the lock set.  They turned the house upside down but never found it.  And she never left the house.  It must be there somewhere but they can't find it.
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My high school class ring. My wedding dress. About 12 dvds.

Class ring - stolen by a roommate and pawned for beer money.

Wedding dress - stolen at the dry cleaner.

DVDs - stolen by DH's cousins over two different visits.
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One very used athletic shoe. Kinda ticked me off because it was a Nike and HAD to be replaced due to being vital for my job.

No clue why someone stole ONE shoe of a pair from my car.


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One very used athletic shoe. Kinda ticked me off because it was a Nike and HAD to be replaced due to being vital for my job.

No clue why someone stole ONE shoe of a pair from my car.
It was the man with the wooden leg.
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I have had bras stolen out of my laundry at apartment complex.  I'm sort of an unusual size, so I doubt someone was stealing them to wear.  I can only assume some was taking them to show their friends "Holy cow, look at these!".  Pissed me off though because a super cheap bra in my size runs about $50 a pop.
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At work:  My name badge.  This was 1996 so it was literally just my first and last name on a badge.   A pack of feminine hygiene products from my desk.  My desk drawer had a little shelf where you put pens and then you lifted that and there was a little compartment.  Said products where under that shelf, not in view.  So, someone opened my drawer, lifted the shelf and took the pads.
At home as a teenager:  a small mouse figurine.  Mom hosted Christmas for Dad's family and when the chaos ended I was down 1 mouse figurine.  It was up on a shelf too so I can only assume an adult took it down.  None of the kids present would be tall enough.  I always said I better not see that figurine in anyone home or there would be heck to pay but, I rarely interact with Dad's family anymore so I guess it's gone for good.
Co-worker years ago had an old, worn out sweater go missing. One minute it was on the back of her chair and the next minute it was gone.  As best as we could figure it was taken while we were both in the room too.   We turned her office upside down.  I can remember her saying "WHY would ANYONE want thaaaattt!"  It was in horrible shape but she love it.
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This wasn't me but an acquaintance I knew back in the nineties; he told me that someone broke into his car and stole some CDs...and left behind some different and less-hip CDs in their place.


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A rock.  We had this rock when we rented a house as newlyweds.  It was a huge piece of limestone.  When we bought our first home we brought the rock with us.  It took 2 men to lift it into the truck and out of the truck.  It had a place of honor in the yard so we could look outside, see it, and remember where it came from and all the memories associated with that rental house.

Then we bought a new house and hadn't chosen a spot for the rock right away.  So we left it at our other house.

We have no idea when the rock went missing because it was always there so it sort of faded into the background of the yard ... especially as we no longer sat in that kitchen looking out the window at it.

But we eventually found the rock... in my BIL's garden.  He and my OS lived down the hill from us.  I guess he just helped himself to it.  We let it stay because he was not well (and has since passed on).

We've also had plants dug up at the old house.  That was by a neighbor, though.  I was only slightly irritated they took my rosebush but since it was a wild rose bush and there are tons of them around here it wasn't that big of a deal. I guess they thought since we weren't living there everything was up for grabs except... we still own and maintain the place. We plan on building our retirement home there if we stay in the area.
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A cheap tension rod.

I teach piano in different rooms at a school, and one small office room has very poor a/c-- it is either stifling hot or freezing cold if you close the door. 

so, I got a cheapo tension rod and a sheer curtain panel to hang in the door frame, so that there is air flow, and you can still see through it (child safety) but less distracting when someone walks down the hallway.

I keep it tucked under the shelf in the band hall, with a cart of music books next to it. 

A few days ago, the music and the sheer curtain panel are there, but the cheapo tension rod is gone. 

so, I had to teach in the open room (hot hot hot) and sure enough, one student looked up every time someone passed by in the hallway.  The curtain prevented that. 

So, that was a weird item to go.  Checked with nearby teachers, and no one can event think of why it would be taken, or how else it could be used to look for it. 

weird bummer. 

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Two pieces of bread and a can of tuna fish.

My mom and I were out for the day and when we came home, the door was a little open.  Just as I got to the door, a man came running out and nearly knocked my mom down to get away.  We were both to stunned to see if he was carrying anything, but once inside, we found our bread open, a lid to a can of tuna, and our mayo and mustard on the counter open.

We assume he was really hungry because my bank envelope with most of my last paycheck (I had paid some bills) was laying on the coffee table in plain sight and we also had some high dollar electronics that weren't disturbed.  After the initial shock that someone was in our house, we actually felt bad for him.  If he was hungry enough to break into a house and steal tuna fish, he had to be desperate.  We would have fed if he'd ust knocked on the door and asked.


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Back in the year 2000, when I was at college, I had a mp3 player.  It's this huge rectangular thing and it needs a very specific USB cord and charger cord to work it.  One night, I fell asleep on a friend (sick at the time), and she left quietly.  Since she did, my door was unlocked.  I woke hours later, locked my door, and went back to sleep.  The next day, I discovered that the cords were missing.  Not the mp3 player and the cords, just the cords.

To this day, I still do not get it.  Especially since there were a lot of better things there, like a full container of laundry soap, CDs, and 20 bucks in singles.  *shakes head*


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DH's USAF-issued insulated flight boots, a pair of slippers, and the Broadway cast album of Camelot. This was at a rather isolated villa in Italy, and we had been gone for several days.  They had also torn open a couple of wrapped Xmas presents for our toddlers, but left them there.  Didn't want toys, I guess.
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Remember these McDonald's toys from the 80s ? I brought one to show 'n' tell in k5, put it in my cubby afterwards and then it was gone at the end of the day  :P

*ETA: I had walked away from my sample cart for a second (no food sitting out) and came back to find some guy trying to open the cart up to steal things. He also picked up my demonstrator hat with the store name on it, said "Hey, honey, look at this" to his wife and was going to walk off with it until he saw me coming over looking very angry.

Not too long ago I set out six magic markers for a troop banner signing. I wasn't gone 1 minute before someone had stolen one. Later, a man picked up a marker after signing the banner, inspected it and clipped it onto his shirt pocket. He and his wife just walked away. He wasn't going to return it until I asked him to bring it back. And then he acted like "siggghhh, do I really have to reach all the way into my pocket for this ? you're such a female dog, heeerrree's your stupid marker. I'm rolling my eyes because you're such a cheap b_stard." His wife giggled happily while he was doing this. What lovely people  >:(

Years ago my parents had left their garage door halfway down. We walked down the street to a garage sale that day, came home a few minutes later, and noticed one bike was missing from our garage.

One year my aunt put money envelopes on her Christmas tree. Each niece and nephew had their name written on an envelope + a card inside held the money. Everyone opened their envelopes at my aunt's Christmas party. One cousin was very confused to find her envelope was empty of money. My aunt looked all over the house and couldn't find the money. Her husband even confirmed "I watched you count the money and fill each envelope. You didn't set out an empty envelope." Nobody ever confessed.
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My man and grandad had their whole wedding cake stolen while they were in the church. It was set up in the church hall ready for the reception. It was in the days of rationing (uk) just after the war so I imagine that much sweetness was too much temptation for someone. But still???