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Dinner ideas for the Friday after Thanksgiving?

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By way of background, my extended family (brothers, sisters, spouses, children all under 6) gets together for the Thanksgiving weekend at my mother's house every year. We do the full turkey/dressing/trimmings meal on Thursday around 2pm and then for the rest of the weekend it's basically....leftovers. And not leftovers turned into turkey soup or curry or anything....just literally pull out the same serving dishes from the fridge and everyone helps themselves.

By about noon on Saturday I have had my fill (pretty sure everyone else has too), but nothing has really changed over the years. This time, I'm determined to introduce something different (if only for my own sanity!). So I am trying to come up with a relatively simple, appealing meal to serve for dinner Friday night. On Saturday we traditionally go to a friend's open house (so it's another round of "holiday" foods).

So I'm trying to come up with something different, but (1) relatively easy to prepare, since we've just put in a huge effort and (2) fairly simple, since we've just had a couple days of heavy eating.

Any ideas?

So... are you looking for recipes to use up the leftovers, or for ways to avoid the leftovers? 

If you want something easy and something that avoids the leftovers... what about tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches?

If you want something easy that uses some of the leftovers... what about turkey quesadillas?

How about something easy and simple like spaghetti? Or pizza?

If the weather is nice, I'd BBQ. Otherwise, how about a big pot of chile or soup with a hearty bread?

You could repurpose the leftovers into something non-thanksgiving.

Shred the turkey and use it to make buffalo chicken (turkey) dip to serve with tortilla chips, or use it in a pasta dish.

Make potato balls out of the leftover mashed potatoes:

Put leftover veggies, gravy, and turkey into a big stock pot with tomato juice/puree and make into a vegetable soup.


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