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Serenity Series: So if a Cash Bar is tacky (story 4 of 5 from old board)


Christy (the infamously pregnant bride to be of the Serenity Series) is having her reception this Saturday at a bar. Not a restaurant with a bar, but a bar bar, not a nightclub but a BAR. This bar doesn't even really have tables or seating, except for at the bar.

When we were issued our invites (solely by phone, since the bride didn't bother to mail the invites her father bought for her) we were told time and place and that's it.

No reference to food being served, or attire required. So the reception is at a bar (the wedding is the day before at the courthouse, no one is invited and that's fine). Reception starts at Noon, and food is at 2 (I'm so glad I got the little info I have from Christy's Aunt, or I'd be starved at the bar). And of course it is a cash bar, so I'm going to be paying $2.50 for ever Diet Sprite I have (I'm pregnant so I don't drink).

So what do I wear to this thing. If I was going to a bar I'd wear jeans and a cute sweater. Christy's Aunt recommended I wear not dressy slacks and a sweater. The problem is, I'm wearing maternity clothes and I'm not buying something new for an afternoon at a bar. My work clothes are all suit seperates and very dressy and tailored and I think if I wear them I'll be overdressed. I was thinking about wearing jeans (since I know other people will be wearing them) and a nice cowl neck sweater, or my nice black sweater set.

What do you think E-Hellions? I'm not really that worried because even if I am over dressed or under dressed I doubt I'll be the tackiest thing at this reception. And the main reason I'm going is because, she's FAAAAAAMILY.


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