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--- Quote from: Outdoor Girl on November 25, 2013, 09:51:38 AM ---My nephews are now young adults.  They are hard to buy for, for the most part.  I'm set for the older one this year - I'm making a him a sweater, at his request, in the pattern he picked out.

So I've given them money in creative ways.  One year, they got a peanut butter jar with $50 in twonies ($2 coins) frozen in layers.  I've given them 10 $5 bills, folded origami style into stars and bought little Christmas trees to hand them.  I've given them a pair of gloves with $5 bills rolled up in the fingers.  My neighbours used this idea for one of their younger relatives last Christmas.  He wasn't yet of age to drink; they got a beer case, which I'm sure got him all excited, filled it with soda cans for the right weight and replaced a couple of the cans with the gloves and $5 bills.  Apparently, he was thrilled.

Last year, I gave them a gift card for a couple of ski passes, with the proviso that I would go with them.  It didn't work out that well for the older one but the younger one ended up using both of them with a friend and skied for two days; I joined them for one.

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My mom got creative with giving cash one year. That year my cousin was going to Japan as part of a school trip in January. My mom took the money she would have spent on a present and exchanged it for Japanese yen and then wrapped the yen in a gift box. It was still giving cash but my cousin was excited he could spend it on his trip.


--- Quote from: Brisvegasgal on November 22, 2013, 06:23:50 PM ---One question - and this is genuine because I really don't understand - why don't some people want to give gift vouchers? Especially if it is what the recipient wanted?

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I don't like gift vouchers, because a specific thing connects the giver and the recipient mentally every time it's used/looked at etc. If a gift card is given, it's easy to lose that connection. For me, on both sides of the equation, the connection made through the gift is the more important thing. BTW, I just spent my birthday gift card to Amazon on buying xmas presents for everyone else. I feel absolutely no connection to the giver.

Also, if everyone gives each other gift vouchers, it seems to become a bit pointless. Why not just cut out the middle man and spend your own money on things that you want? Also, when there's a direct connection to the monetary value, it leads to perhaps vulgar comparisons of gift value disparity. At least with goods/services given, there's some element of thoughtfulness (and that connection) involved.

This is part of the reason my wish list includes not only  specific items (model number/size/color/etc) but also generic items like "Games for two people" so that givers could have an idea of something I would find useful, but also have the chance to select something which reflects them as well.

Here's where I am this year:  I don't make much extra, I live in a 400sq ft apartment, and I have 3 pets.  There just isn't room for many more objects.   So I would prefer that people not buy them for me.

But I could use a check to put money towards things I want, but would not expect any one person to buy (a new bed or computer), or I would use it to take the time off work to see Shaman compete in one of his dog shows or go visit a friend out of state.  Those things would mean more to me then an object that takes up space I don't really have and I don't really need.

My mother, btw still frets that I won't have things to open onder the tree, even though I'm 28 and haven't believed in santa for a long time.

I think another reason I prefer gift cards is my birthday is 2 weeks before Christmas, and as a kid, while I got $$ for my birthdays, 9 times out of 10 i ended up using it to buy Christmas gifts for others with!

So a gc means I can spend it on something for me!

^ I can relate to this.  I like gift cards because my b-day is on the 29th.  Between the cash and the cards from the two days, I can pretty much afford almost any big-ticket item I've had my eye on.  ;D


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