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Am I supposed to reply to a Save The Date notification?

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A friend sent me a Save The Date email about an event on new years eve. The email doesn't ask for a response or RSVP to the email, but I saw something on EHell about having to reply to a Save The Date to get an invite to the actual event. I'm a little unclear here if there is an unwritten rule that I'm somehow assumed to already know.

Am I expected to respond, even though a reponse is not asked for in the email?

(Ultimately, I may not be going due to a scheduling clash, so I'm unsure if I should just not respond to the notification or if I'm supposed to wait for an actual invite before I decline.)

If it is a save the date you do not need to reply. :)

Congrats!  You are an A-lister for having received the Save-the-Date.  If you know at this point that you will be unable to attend, please inform the host(s).  This will allow them to either start firming up the guest list or add someone else to the A-list in your place.  Since it came by email, a response will let the host(s) know that you received it.  I don't know of any hard and fast rules regarding Save-the-Date, but I'd respond anyway. 

A save-the-date does not require a response. It is not an invitation, but rather a notification as to the existence and the scheduling of an event. It is a promise that an invitation is forthcoming. Usually they're used for big events like weddings, but I suppose it makes sense for a NYE party since people do like to know what they're doing and often buy expensive tickets for things like that. Unless you absolutely know for sure that you can't go, just don't reply. Wait until you receive the actual invitation and then RSVP. Even if I thought I wouldn't be able to go, I wouldn't respond to a save-the-date because plans change and if you respond negatively to the save-the-date, they won't send you an invitation. Keep your options open.

White Dragon:
This is interesting to me because I just mailed a bunch of these yesterday and I've been wondering if people are going to think they are supposed to reply.

I did say clearly on the note that formal invites would be sent out next spring and that we 'looked forward to seeing' the guests.

I also made sure to write all the names and +guest information on each note so everyone involved can plan. Hopefully it's clear, but I am happy to answer any questions that come up.


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