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What to bring for office holiday potluck?

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Glazed carrots - sauce is butter, brown sugar & dijon mustard.

Chicken wing drummettes - sauce is equal parts Worcestershire and Pico Pica hot sauce.  (It's a really lazy but yummy dish to make)

Big green salad with home made vinaigrette dressing.  The only real work is your chopping prep work.

Pot pie - Use ALL the left overs in the fridge, make the white sauce using a meat broth, and make a pie crust to go on top (with vent holes).  I never have to take home more than the pan.

I usually take a veggie platter with at least 2 dips.

Many people really appreciate a lighter option, and the veggies can be used for other dips and spreads - ssen it done lots of times.

This year I'm bringing a chocolate pecan pie. I'm already making two for other various celebrations, and adding a third isn't that hard, so why not?

I've also been known to bring homemade cinnamon rolls, but I love all the effort and work that goes into making them, so it's not so bad for me. I really enjoy baking.

I posted a beer and cheese dip in the recipes thread a while ago, it's always been a hit around my office.

And of course, if you feel confident enough that you can get an outlet, chili or soup. It's the perfect weather for it.

A big pot of cheese dip to go with bread, chips, vegetables, grapes and apples, pretzels, you name it!

Fondue in a little Crockpot/slow cooker? There are lots of kinds of fondues. Cheese, marinara, chili-cheese… I bet people would like that. I'd avoid a hot oil fondue for obvious reasons, but the other ones are probably okay.

If your coworkers usually are good about bringing dippables, maybe bring some dips beyond the usual ranch and salsa. Guacamole's often a winner (I'd stick to a simple recipe, as not everyone is enraptured with bacon and cilantro), hummus or a Tex-Mex bean dip would be good, tapenade or pesto. If you're worried about there being enough stuff for dipping, plain crostini would solve the problem nicely.


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