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What to bring for office holiday potluck?

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Or a plate of various cheeses, crackers, breads and grapes.

Don't forget the cheese knife.

Cheese and crackers always goes well.  Olives can be a good add on.

There are very few gatherings where deviled eggs are not a good addition.

Usually someone brings a veggie tray, but a fruit tray can be a nice change for those trying to cut down on calories.

rose red:
I once brought apple slices and was surprised at how big a hit they were. 

Someone once brought in a pizza sliced into little squares.  She thought people can nibble on it for lunch, but they were gone within the morning hour ;D. 

Spinach dip with bagel chips are also good and easy.  So are pinwheel sandwiches.

Outdoor Girl:
One of my coworkers forgot it was potluck luncheon day and found out when she arrived at the office.  She ran out and bought a box of clementines - those little, seedless, mandarin type oranges.  They were a huge hit; very few were left at the end.

Super brownies:

1 package of chocolate cookie dough, pressed out into a pan;
Oreo cookies arranged on top of cookie dough, single layer;
Prepare brownie mix from directions on package and pour onto the cookie dough/Oreo layer.



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