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Now I feel guilty about hosting Thanksgiving

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Friend A and his wife are unbelievable!! They waited till the day before your dinner party to say we'd rather have it at our house? But it's okay because you can bring your food and cook it there?

I'm glad you stood up to them and you have nothing to feel guilty about!!

Friend A and wife have lost their minds.

Do not waste a moment worrying about this.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)

In a nusthell, you are right/in the clear.  Friends are wrong/rude.

Please don't feel guilty.! You are absolutely fine, and friend and his wife are rude, and out of line


--- Quote from: NyaChan on November 27, 2013, 12:06:38 AM ---I think your friend was incredibly rude.  If they wanted to host, then they should have issued invitations.  Their suggestion to have you over as their guest and then expect you to cook all the food while they claimed hosting credit was quite frankly, ridiculous.  I think you went above and beyond to accommodate them.  I had someone do this to me and I decided to just go with it because it was 2/3 of the people bringing it up rather than just one person, but I was definitely still miffed.  In your case, I'd put the rudeness squarely on your friends who made the fuss.

--- End quote ---

I wonder if they also would have expected BuffaloFang to clean the kitchen afterward, before she schlepped her gear, ingredients and food back home. Would Mr. and Mrs. A have expected her to leave the left-over food?

You're  in the clear, BuffaloFang. If they wanted to host this dinner, they should have taken the necessary steps such as issuing invitations, planning the meal and buying the food, instead of trying to get you to perform as an unpaid chef.


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