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Times when it is the perfect phrase

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"I will not disclose that information." or "That's private information."

"I don't discuss my banking with telemarketers." or "If I have any concerns about my bank, I will address them directly."

"No thank you, goodbye."

All better than a statement that doesn't make much sense in the situation and puts the worker on the other end of the line on the defensive.

White Dragon:

--- Quote from: artk2002 on November 30, 2013, 02:47:14 PM ---I'm sorry, but I think that wasn't a good use of the phrase. What's wrong with "no, I don't"? He didn't make any kind of "interesting assumption." He asked a simple question.

--- End quote ---

It's hard to convey tone online, but the phrasing and tone of his question was very much that he assumed Daughter and I shared that bank.
He was very polite and friendly, but he was definitely making the assumption.

In point of fact, it was our bank, but I don't discuss banking info in unsolicited calls. I did not want to fib, so I tried to deflect the question. He did explain why he had assumed I was a customer, but it was a very friendly conversation.


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