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"Bachelor" producer in note-passing war on airplane on Thanksgiving

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--- Quote from: baglady on December 03, 2013, 05:57:30 PM ---
--- Quote from: Twik on December 03, 2013, 04:28:52 PM ---And a lot of people can get behind "Diane," because his notes were far ruder than anything else in the story.

It reminds me of a story I read once, by a man who had gone to Japan to study martial arts. One day, on the streetcar, he was confronted with a belligerent drunk, who was being incredibly offensive to his fellow travellers. Just as the man decided he could put his skills to use, and put the bully in his place, an elderly man started talking to the drunk, ignoring his rudeness, and just treating him as a fellow human being.

By the end of the ride, the drunk was sitting quietly, telling the man about how his life had recently gone to pieces, and he'd sought refuge in alcohol, but after having his feelings heard, he was starting to think maybe he could make a go of it now.

The writer of the story was properly chastened by the *true* use of the philosophy he'd been studying.

I think that (assuming Elan's original story has a basis in fact) this was a perfect situation where such tactics could be put to use. A sick traveller was stressed out, and was taking it out on others. Confronting her did nothing but escalate things - a little human kindness from a stranger might have made everyone's trip a better experience.

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Twik, are you me? I thought of that story, too. And I found a link:

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I think it's a story I have to keep in mind, because I have a tendency to go white-knight sometimes, and it's rarely helpful.

In this case, I think Elan was just being Neutral-Chaotic for the heck of it.

I work in the travel industry via the phone, and my co-workers and I are treated to a 'Diane' at least once per shift.  :(

Hypothetically speaking - I don't think the note and wine is a bad idea in theory.  The content of the notes could have been improved.

^^ This.  I also applaud anyone who attempts to politely stand up to customers who are being horrible to an employee who cannot defend themselves for fear of being fired.

In this (albeit, fake) scenario, he was far from polite.


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