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Cookie swap allergy requests?

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--- Quote from: Outdoor Girl on November 29, 2013, 02:18:00 PM ---
--- Quote from: rashea on November 29, 2013, 02:15:20 PM ---I'm not sure why you can't just swap with people who bring cookies without nuts? Yes, I suppose you wouldn't get as many back, but maybe you can trade with people.

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I'd be worried about cross contamination.  I've done a swap before and you just go around the table picking up cookies.  The chances of getting nuts into the nut free one would be too high.  If everyone brings their cookies pre-packaged and you just have to pick up the container, this could work.  But what if someone opens their nutty cookies on the spot?  It's risky for severe allergies.

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Hm. Every cookie swap I've ever attended, we prepackaged the cookies (usually in cute little holiday themed ziploc baggies or something similar), so the likelihood of cross contamination would be much lower. I've never been to one where that wasn't the case. Regional differences, I suppose?

While I don't think OP should request that all the cookies be nut free, I don't think she'd be out of line to ask suggest that people pre-package them, unless that is just completely unheard of in that area.

I think it would be very rude for the OP to request anything. It's not her party. She was invited. And she accepted the invitation knowing that two of the guests frequently make cookies with nuts.

I also think it puts Sue in a very uncomfortable position.

My friends and I ran into this problem as well. We don't have allergies, but significant others or children do. So the party became a cooking-eating party rather than a cookie swapping party. Some exchange still takes place, but the point isn't to make a dozen for each person, more like 3-4 cookies per person. They can be taken or not, and there's no problem with quantities.

I would just go to the party to eat and socialize, bring cookies to give away (or just enough to sample).


--- Quote from: Outdoor Girl on November 29, 2013, 02:13:55 PM ---I would email the hostess to change your RSVP to 'No' but tell her why.  'Sue, a number of other people have said they are bringing cookies with nuts in them, which unfortunately, Mr. Knitterly is allergic to.  So I won't be able to participate after all.'

I do think it would be rude to ask the hostess to change the parameters of the party.  If she offers to when you decline, that's fine.  Or maybe you could ask if it was OK if you came for the party but didn't participate in the cookie swap due to the allergy.  That way, you could enjoy the comraderie but not worry about taking cookies home.  Maybe bring a small plate of something to share at the time, not to be included in the swap.

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Apparently it's all a moot point anyway.  Mr K forgot about my function and committed himself to a work event that night.  In our house, work takes precedence over social functions every time, so he gets the car and I can't go.  :(

So my rsvp will be changed to a no anyway.

I am kind of sad, despite the nut dilemna.


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