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What is an "accent" plate?

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So I got bored and started looking at fine china dinnerware sets on Macy's web site. I keep seeing five-piece sets that include dinner plate, salad plate, soup bowl, tea cup & saucer and and accent plate.

Just curious....what is an "accent" plate and how and when is it to be used?

Ok, never mind. I figured it out. The system wouldn't let me delete the topic.

Basically, in case anyone is curious, the charger goes under the dinner plate and stays there through all courses except dessert. The accent plate can be used as a dessert plate or for side dishes.

Sorry to waste anyone's time...thanks, though!

It's also sometimes referred to as a charger.

I thought that too, Hillia, but I read that they are, in fact, distinct from each other. That's what I was confused about.

Yep, and they can be very pretty!

It's basically a pattern that blends with but isn't identical to the original dishes pattern.

I think this is a modern idea. I don't remember these being offered back when I got married, or in the dishes my mom or aunts had.

But I've seen them in newer patterns (when I've accessed bridal registries, for example).

Often they are salad plate size. I've also seen accent bowls, and additional dinner plates that can be interchanged with the original pattern.


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