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I don't really know what to think of this.

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So on Thursday my family had their Thanksgiving meal. Little Cousin 1 has a birthday in November, and it is tradition that she gets her cards and gifts from everyone excluding her mom and grandparents on Thanksgiving. We have cake, sing happy birthday, etc.

So we sang happy birthday, everyone got cake and various other desserts, and we scattered away to eat them. Normally we are all called back in from what we are doing to watch the Birthday Girl open gifts and cards.

This year Little Cousin 1 didn't want to wait apparently, and opened the gifts and cards with no one watching, and with not even a thank you for what she had been given.

For the record ehellions, Little Cousin 1 is twelve. Old enough, I believe, to know better.

Am I right in this assumption, that at 12 years old she should know her pleases and thank yous, and know to wait to open gifts?

And a further question that has been nagging at me... at what age did you learn to wait to open your gifts? What about learning please and thank you?

I remember being young, and being told "you have to wait" every year at christmas. I suppose by seven or so I knew better. Being gently chastised by my mother at every Christmas and birthday for seven years did the trick, not to mention listening to five other cousins get chastised as well.

As for please and thank you... I don't really remember the age. But I do know I learned it!

I wouldn't care about not seeing her open the gifts. Some people find that sort of thing awkward, being the center of attention. I do think that a thank you is required though.

By 12 she should know better.  Not thanking people was rude.

I taught my nephew to say "Please" at age 2 - it was so cute, he would shout "PEEEEEEEESE" (omitting the 'l').  After giggling we would tell him not to shout.

At 12 she should know better. I hope she's not developing into a SS.  It's part of the birthday party deal- you want the gifts, you take the attention too. If she is getting embarrassed from being the centre of attention then perhaps it is time to separate her birthday celebrations from the holiday.

I wish she'd said thanks, but I don't blame her, especially at that age, for not wanting to make gift opening a spectacle. It is possible that it wasn't a matter of being unable to wait, but wanting to be more discreet.


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