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TGIF outside North America, how does it compare?

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TGIF recently opened near us, so DH and I went there for lunch on Saturday. DH has been there before with work,a and wasn't expecting much as the burger he had had was very greasy and not at all nice.

But, we we were both pleasantly surprised at how good it was. The staff were friendly without being too intrusive, the portions were generous but finishable. I had a quesadilla and finished it, DH had a burger and almost did and we shared a plate of six loaded potato skins.

What I really loved was the selection of non-alcoholic drinks! Normally I'm limited to soft drink in my pregnancy, but there was a huge selection.

So, this is the website for the menus for Australia. How does it compare to back in the US? I'm interesting in comparing!


It looks pretty comparable to what I'm used to from Fridays. I've found like any other chain, the service and quality of food can vary from location to location.

The drink selection has always been awesome, including non-alcoholic. I have fond memories of their non-alcoholic mudslides. :)

Any idea what oil they use for frying? The chips seemed a bit strange, like they'd been left out for ours when they were still rather hot and fresh.

Huh.  I didn't even know they'd opened here.  We ate there several times in the USA out of convenience.  Its was fine.

I'm more interested in the price comparison!

I did a google conversion of the dollars. The Australian TGIF seems more expensive than what I remember. It has been many years since I went. I also don't know what size city you live in. I live in the Midwest U.S. which has a lower cost of living than other parts of the U.S. like NYC or LA. $35 US dollars can buy you a entree from a much nicer restaurant here.


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