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Another Reason Peyton Manning is so Awesome

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Cowboy fan here but I still love Peyton. (so much better than his brother, Eli!)

Peyton has class! 


--- Quote from: Lexophile on December 03, 2013, 03:36:26 PM ---
--- Quote from: Mikayla on December 03, 2013, 03:14:41 PM ---I'm a Denverite too and I share the love! (even though I'm a Redskins fan).

I saw this earlier today and I was slightly appalled at the couple.  They really wanted the facetime that badly?  Ugh.

But this guy is pure class.  I hope he prevails Sunday in the very frigid air landing on us as I type!

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To the bolded: Are you my long-lost sister???? The Redskins fight song was the first song I ever learned!

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Two Skins fans in Denver?  That can't be!  I came *this close* to snagging tickets for that game, but I think I was better off in our local sports bar, considering how it ended.

Also, @hobish, I know a lot of people who feel that way.  It's kind of intriguing.  There must be something about him that reminds people of that annoying guy in 7th grade. 

Dr. F.:
I know nothing whatever about football, but from what I've seen, Peyton seems like a real class act and a good guy.

Looks like we're up to four 'Skins fans in Denver. Well, I'm not in Denver, but who cares...

I grew up in DC, but have lived in CO longer than anywhere else. I didn't really know which team I loved the most until they played each other this fall. It turned out that the 'Skins are my Number One team - with the Broncos close behind!

And, yes. Peyton Manning is a Class Act. On and off the field. So is RGIII. Makes me happy!  ;D

RooRoo, we travel a similar path.  I've lived most of my life in DC metro and, while I really like Denver, DC metro is my stomping grounds.  And I've been a Skins fan since before I could talk!  (We grew up in Chicago, but my mom was a diehard Skins fan.  Poor Dad supported the Bears).

I hate what I'm hearing about the Skins right now.  I love RGIII and I think for all the media attention he's gotten, he's handled it well.  But this old pattern of Snyder establishing relationships with individual players is disturbing, and I hate to think that RGIII may have developed an ego issue because of it.  It doesn't seem likely, but that locker room is imploding right now.

Oh, and back to Peyton - he's on tonight!  NFL Network.  Go Broncos.


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