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Do you give your dog bones?

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Over the Christmas period we will have four dogs staying at our place, our two and one each from two visiting family members. I was talking to a friend who thought this would be a complete nightmare; extra people and extra dogs would just make for crowding and chaos and mess and other horrors.  she thought we were mad to even consider it.

I said it would be fine and if it got to be too much we would give the dogs bones and put them out in the backyard.

I was lectured, at length, about the dangers of giving dogs bones. Not just cooked bones or chicken bones, which I would never give a dog, but bones of any kind are apparently now known to be very bad for dogs and nobody gives a dog a bone these days.

I have always given my dogs bones and I will probably give these dogs bones and put them outside because otherwise it willget crowded and chaotic in the house. The dogs all know each other and won't fight over bones. We give them big marrow bones(we call them brontosaurus bones) so they are chewing rather than eating them.

I am interested to know if other people give their dogs bones or if this is really something that just doesn't happen any more.

My dog gets the occasional bone.  I realize there are some risks to it.  But there's also risk to her at this point just jumping around the back yard (she's 14 with some hip issues). 

If you're concerned, get the faux type bones from the grocery store.

Ser Lucien Liliane:
Our dogs get bones. Not from our food (ribs, chicken, whatever) but the very heavy and solid ones that you can usually buy with marrow in the middle. They're impossible to splinter, and once the marrow's gone you can stuff the center with peanut butter, dog food, whatever, and it makes an excellent distraction treat for the dog.

The ginormous beef bones you can sometimes find at pet stores are also good - the ones that look like they've come from a very fat dinosaur.

On the other hand, NEVER give them rawhide (if a piece comes off it'll swell in their throat and choke them to death) or the el cheapo bones. You really do get what you pay for.

Our dog is fed raw chicken daily, with the bones. And the occasional deer/goat/rabbit offal. We don't give her typical dog food, and it only costs about $3 more a month!

Mine get raw bones regularly.  They're small dogs, so smallish bones.  They'll strip any goodness off them fairly quickly and then gnaw on them for ages.  Occasionally they'll even get some particularly meaty bones instead of their usual meal.  I don't give them anything that's small enough for them to swallow whole.

They also get the occasional raw chicken neck or wing, bone and all, which they crunch down very quickly.  The cats get them too - recommended by the vet.

Every time they're at the vet, we get the usual diet questions, and the vet has never commented negatively on the bones.  And we've had no issues with splinters or anything.  They tend to gnaw the bone into dust rather than fragments.

Somebody once told me a chewing dog is a happy dog. 


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