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Do you give your dog bones?

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Pig ears! I will have to remember to grab some of those at the butcher shop if I get there in time.

Midnight Kitty:
DH picked up a rawhide football from Petco for little Honey Girl (13 pounds).  It was as big as my fist and filled with something that must have smelled yummy.  We gave it to her while we watched the 49ers play the last regular season game in Candlestick Park (RIP) :'(

At first, she did not know what to do with it.  She could hardly get her mouth around any part of it.  DH said, "At halftime I'll see if I can cut it or something so she can chew on it.  I looked over about 10 minutes later and saw 1/4 of the rawhide football had been chewed and pulled open so HG could get at that yummy filling.  We were impressed.  HG is half Dachshund and she has long toes which she uses like fingers to grab, hold, and twist.

I told DH, "I think that's too much for her to eat at one time."  He accused me of being an NFL (No Fun Left) official.  I gave him stink eye and said, "Oh yeah, bad me for not wanting my little dog to get sick." ::) Seriously, the filling was as much as she is fed in a whole day.  I put a Greenie down and she traded me the football for the Greenie.  It's all good!

I don't give Xmas gifts.  It's a long story, but I just don't do it anymore.  I stocked up on dog treats Saturday because Target had 10% off, plus I had store coupons and manufacturer coupons and Cartwheel PLUS my Red Card savings of 5%.  I saved $100 and spent $240 on stuff we needed.  HG now has a TON of dentastiks, greenies, and chicken jerky.  So HG gave my coworkers' dogs goody bags.  I also bought HG's dogsitter a Dean Martin Collection CD.  She has vinyl records, but no record player, just a CD player, but she doesn't have any CDs. ??? I decided I'm going to write down the titles of a few of her favorite albums, then look for them in the used music stores while my DJ husband is adding more music to the collection of 12,000+ CDs.

We don't have dogs, so when my husband buys a big bone in roast (half Angus, half Wagyu) from the farmer's market, I pull out the bone after it's all roasted and take it to work.

My bosses' dog thinks I am a goddess!

Once a year my dog gets one of the big bones from the pet store, but always supervised by me due to choking hazards and never around other dogs, since he's occasionally been food aggressive.


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